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From left to right,

Row 1 (Seated):
Mr Liu Wan Ming Nicholas, Mdm Wang Shiyun Samantha, Ms Lim Yvonne,
Mr Sounthira Pandian S/O Muthuraj, Mdm Thang Fong Kwan, Mdm Goei Hwee Cheng Eunice, Ms Neo Xueli

Row 2:
Mr Low Wei Chuan Matthias, Mr Ho Wei Chan, Mrs Lim-Ng Ai Tee, Ms Ting Hui Xin,
Mdm Teo Hui Yi, Ms Saw Eileen

Row 3:
Mr Ang Sin Long, Ms Ng Ai Zi Sheena Wijaya, Ms Joanne Song Zhu En, Ms Wei Mingwei,
Ms Kathy R Loh

Row 4 (Back Row):
Mr Kwek Wee Kiang, Mr Wong Guan Wen Kevin, Mr Han Chin Gene, 
Mr Redzuan Bin Mohamad Yunus, Mr Li Zhihao

Life-long Learners with A Passion for Science (CLAPS)

To Nurture Independent and Responsible Learners with a Passion for Science

Committed to giving all our students a diverse range of learning experiences in order to appreciate Science as an integral part of their lives, the Nan Hua High School Science Department continues to work ceaselessly in pursuit of more enriching programs to engage our young and able learners.

Testing themselves in the various competitions and challenges, our young charges have proven themselves capable by clinching top honours in their forays. Acting in the role of mentors and facilitators, our teachers seek to bring out the best in each and every student, firm in their belief in the Learner Mindset.

ACJC C.B. Paul Memorial Science Quiz

The ACJC Science and Mathematics Council organizes the annual C.B. Paul Memorial Science Quiz for high ability Secondary 2-5 (IP Year 2-4) (Grade 8-10) students. This quiz aims to provide a platform for students to apply textbook knowledge in explaining daily phenomena, allowing them to exercise their analytical and critical thinking skills. Questions from the three sciences as well as mathematics were tested during this quiz, with the level of difficulty ranging from JC level to even tertiary level.

This year, we have managed to win a total of 2 Golds, 2 Silvers, 1 bronze and 1 Honourable Mention.

Our proud winners:
ICBP Science Talent AwardFu Haoyu
GoldFu Haoyu, Chiang Yew Hui Louis 
SilverLu QianQian, Ren Qingyang
BronzeZhou Qinghe

ACJC C.B. Paul Memorial Science Quiz – Our proud Winners

International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS)

A total of 351 Secondary 2 students participated in the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) in April this year. ICAS assesses students’ skills in the key scientific areas of interpreting data, applying data and higher order thinking skills. Our students did themselves proud by obtaining 2 High Distinctions and 36 Distinctions. Only the top one percentage of all participants in Singapore achieved Certificates with High Distinction. 

International Biomedical Quiz 2017

The Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) Science and Mathematics Council organised the International Biomedical Quiz 2017, a half-day science quiz featuring two categories: Category 1 for Secondary 3-4 and Category 2 for JC 1–2. This event aims to provide a platform for students to develop their aptitude and potential in the biomedical disciplines through independent work and applying critical thinking to solve authentic medical challenges.

The theme this year was the Immune System with an emphasis on the physiology of the innate immune system. 12 of our upper Secondary students emerged as medalists by obtaining 1 Gold, 4 silver and 7 bronze for the individual category.

International Biomedical Quiz 2017 – Our proud Winners

Singapore Junior Physics (SJPhO) 2017

This year, a group of 17 physics students in Secondary 4 participated in the 10th Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad organised by the Institute of Physics Singapore. 

Through the competition, the students obtained training in critical thinking and problem solving skills spanning in topics from upper secondary to H1 Physics syllabus. 

Overall, the student achieved a total of 9 Honourable mention, 3 Bronze and 1 Silver and will be striving to do even better next year.
Science_Junior_Physics_2017.jpgSingapore Junior Physics (SJPhO) 2017 Award Winners

Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad (SJChO) 2017

The Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad (SJChO) is a competition organised by the Singapore National Institute of Chemistry (SNIC) in partnership with NUS High School of Math & Science, Nanyang Polytechnic and supported by the Ministry of Education and the National University of Singapore.

The competition attracts more than 2000 students from around 75 secondary schools in Singapore inclusive of independent and international schools.

This year, 4 of our students were awarded Bronze Awards while 15 other students obtained Certificate of Merit.

SJChO Bronze Award Winners with their teacher mentors

Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad (SJBO) 2017

Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad (SJBO), in collaboration with the Science Centre Singapore aims to create more opportunities for secondary school students and private students/international and IP school students to learn about biology and challenge themselves.

This year, a group of 26 biology students from both Secondary 3 and 4 classes participated in the SJBO. Through the competition, the students obtained training in critical thinking and problem solving skills spanning in topics from upper secondary to ‘A’ level syllabus. Overall, the students managed to clinch 3 Silver awards, 10 Bronze awards and 6 Honourable Mentions. 

Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad (SJBO) Prize Presentation 2017

Secondary One Life Science Workshop

In an attempt to provide wider exposure and enrichment to students in the area of biodiversity and biological research, students are given the rare opportunity to experience practical microbiology. Students were engaged in learning about the properties of enzymes through an exciting workshop that focused on providing experiential learning. Students learned how to conduct experiments, collect and interpret data. These helped to stimulate their thinking and make meaningful connections between their content knowledge and the real-world contexts.  

Learning about enzymes and pH
Learning about enzymes and pH
Learning about enzymes and temperature

Secondary Three Life Science Workshop

This year, the annual Sec 3 Life Science Enrichment Programme focused on the area of cancer biology and biological research, giving the students a rare opportunity to experience some blood cancer diagnostic techniques such as blood typing, cell screening under microscope and Gel Electrophoresis in genotyping.

The three-session workshop introduced to the students some common blood cancer profiles and explained the concept behind cancer marker antigens and anti-marker antibodies in preliminary blood screening / diagnostics.

The lab experiences and the knowledge they have gained from the workshop would hopefully help to prepare them for future Life Science research / investigative projects. 

Students conducting the blood antigen screening
Students conducting the blood antigen screening

Maths and Science Week

Math and Science Week 2017 started off with a bang, with Dr Freda Lim, our guest speaker from A*STAR, sharing about the importance of Science and its applications in our daily lives during the assembly slot.

Mrs Thai presenting a token of appreciation to Dr Freda Lim

Student posing question to Dr Lim

Students’ excitement and interest in Science was further ignited by a series of engaging activities, ranging from the mind-stimulating recess booths which allowed students to participate in hands-on activities, an escape room which allowed students to use their scientific knowledge in a game-setting that is popular among youngsters, to a soap making workshop on making fragrant and aesthetically pleasant soaps conducted by teachers.

Student applying physics concepts at a recess booth
Soap made by student during the soap-making workshop

Activities were also conducted level-wide so that more students could participate over the week. Secondary 1 students had fun attending a Life Science Workshop on food enzymes and a Pet Rocket Workshop. Secondary 3 students not only attended a Life Science Workshop pitched at their level, they also got to pit their brains and scientific knowledge against their classmates through the Running Scientist and the inter-class paper airplane construction competitions. 

Learning the principles of building a pet rocket
Testing out their pet rockets

Learning journeys to the Singapore Science Centre and “Make the Future” Festival (Shell Singapore) were organized to expose students to STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – through interactive and innovative exhibits. The knowledge gained was shared with the school during Good Morning Nan Hua, concluding the week’s activities on a high note. 

Students at Changi Exhibition Centre attending the “Make the Future” Festival
Students having fun making D-I-Y Saltwater Cars