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Professional Development Committee


From left to right,

Row 1 (Seated):
Mdm Sim Puay Hoon, Mr Liu Wan Ming Nicholas, Ms Laura Khoo Bong Chee

Row 2:
Mdm Ng Hwee Theng, Mrs Lim-Ng Ai Tee

The Professional Development (PD) Committee in Nan Hua High School constantly finds ways to develop teachers and to instil a caring and competent nature in all teachers. The professional trainings and workshops are designed to enable staff to be more effective and innovative in reaching out to students in their everyday lessons. These timely customised trainings were tailored to suit competency gaps or to share current approaches and pedagogies which could ideally spur teachers to research further and improve their own professional development. 

LeAPS Training Group Discussions
I LeAPS Training Parking Lot (Reflections)
As part of our continual effort to embrace and imbue the habit of learning and to further develop staff to teach effectively, all staff were organised into Professional Learning Teams (PLTs). These teams worked on a research area or on Disciplinary Literacy to sharpen classroom teaching practices. Collaboration among staff is an essential trait of a good professional learning community. Time was set aside every week for staff to either work on their chosen projects, attend in-house workshops or trainings conducted by external subject experts, work on improving lesson delivery or assessment tools or a time for social cohesion activities. These PLTs culminated in the collation of problems faced, analyses of processes put in place, and finally, results and conclusions. Through this rigour, the PLTs were made aware of deficiencies or competency gaps, or areas which could be further improved in their teaching. The final output from such team effort resulted in better teaching practices, awareness of shortcomings and overall expediency. A mass sharing of such good practices was carried out during Professional Learning Day (PLD) at the end of the year, where we shared on Assessment Literacy, boosting our efforts further.

The PD Committee put in place two innovative ways to strengthen communications with the staff. Professional Development Awareness was started in Term 1 and continued throughout the year. Witty and quirky skits were frequently put up by our very own committee members to put across the intended message to staff. An extension of PDA, we also initiated the PD Café, which was a messaging system the PD Committee used to inform staff of relevant short message and articles that would set them thinking. Such articles would be shared via email as well, so that all staff would be notified and can then read further at the PD Café.

PDA - Professional Development Awareness
PLD 2016 World Cafe

The final event organised by the PD Committee was the Professional Learning Day. This platform allowed all staff to share knowledge, experiences and to build a network of collaborators through professional socialisation during the event. This day showcased the culmination of the research work learnt as part of their PLTs. Members of the Teaching and Learning Committee also took time to share on insightful takeaways.

We also celebrated various achievements and successes of our staff in the academic year. Outstanding staff were recognised with awards such as the Outstanding Contribution Award.