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Physical Education


From left to right,

Row 1:
Mr Tan Cher Beng Jonathan, Ms Yeo Pei Wen Winnie, Ms Tamsyn Elizabeth Tong Pei Ling,
Miss Chern Hui Shan

Row 2:
Mr Chan Meng Wai, Mr Mun Shiun, Ms Saw Eileen, Mr Jonathan Quek Soo Koon,
Mr Ganesan S/O Ramasamy, Mr Liang Kar Weng

PE Department

Dedicated to our mission of developing students who are competent and passionate in pursuing an active healthy lifestyle, our PE programme aims to imbue in every Nanhuarian the physical, social-emotional and health awareness traits to achieve this objective. Exposing students to a range of physical competencies, the PE curriculum highlights the relevance and impact of movement on students’ lives, and emphasises how they contribute to the development of a balanced individual. After acquiring the skills and concepts through their PE lessons, students were given the opportunity to apply them through a range of physical and sporting experiences that are fun and inclusive. 

Sports Carnival

On the last day of Term 2, students were given a break from classroom lessons by engaging in various physical activities in and out of school. The Secondary One students had a Swimming Carnival at the Clementi Swimming Complex as a finale to the swimming module that they took in Term 2 for 6 weeks. The Secondary Two and Three students had an enjoyable time competing against each other in Floorball and Frisbee respectively. This recreational Inter-class Competitions provided the students a platform to display their understanding of the game concepts that they have learned during their PE lessons and bond with their form teachers as they participate together. To further expose the Secondary Four students to the various types of physical activities they can engage in once they leave the school, students were given a choice of doing in-line skating or ice skating at JCube. 

Swimming Carnival
Secondary Two Inter-class Floorball Competition
 Leaping-into-the-air-for-the-Frisbee.jpg In-line-Skating.jpg
Leaping into the air for the frisbee
In-line Skating

Healthy Lifestyle Week

With the excitement over last year’s Inter-class Spartan Challenge, the department took on the challenge of organising the event on a bigger scale this year. Obstacles such as the cargo net and inclined wall setup were brought in to test students’ tenacity and courage. Archery tag equipment was also rented to fulfill the component on accuracy. These novel challenges were indeed a main draw for the students and hyped up the competitive atmosphere throughout the week. With teams working together to fulfill each task at the fastest timing, students were mentally and physically challenged, but had a great time nonetheless. 

Descending the cargo net
Students keeping their balance on the multi-rig obstacle

Tapping on the centennial celebration mood of the school, the 100-seconds HIT (High Intensity Training) workout video competition materialised as a challenge for all CCAs in the school. Students were encouraged to invite their teachers to participate in the 100-seconds workout, which included a series of exercises, starting with side steps, followed by push ups, high knees, up-down planks and ending with burpees.  By rallying the help of their teachers, CCA groups can boost their chances of winning as a higher participation rate contributes towards a higher chance of winning. 

LeAPS Activity Days

On the first Thursday of every month, staff members engaged in physical activities as a form of promoting health at the workplace. Other than choosing physical activities of their choice, such as pickleball, floorball, football, brisk walking, Qigong or table tennis, mass exercise sessions were also conducted to expose them to an array of exercise options that they can find their interest and engage in actively. The most recent one was on SalsationTM, a dance workout that saw staff grooving to the beat while still having a good workout from it. 

Salsation - Staff grooving to the beat

Staff-having-a-go-with-the-bow-and-arrow.jpgStaff having a go with the bow and arrow