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From left to right,

Row 1 (Seated):
Mr Koo Tiannuo, Ms Gan Jia Yi Karolyn, Mdm Ng Hwee Theng, Mdm Tan Chye Choo,
Mdm Lau Hwai Ping, Mr Chan Kum Hoong Joel, Mdm Sim Puay Hoon

Row 2:
Mr Lim Say Han, Mr Chee Loong Kit, Mrs Masilamani Anuradha, Mdm Ong Geok Lan,
Mr Sam Chee Fai Josh, Mr Ong Kng Yih Kenny

Row 3 (Back Row):
Mr Teo Chee Siang Raymond, Mr Tang Chee Hung, Mr Liang Kar Weng, Mr Chow Yew Chung Jason

A department that cultivates analytical and inquiring minds and inspires a passion for Mathematics.

To cultivate in our students a love for Mathematics through quality instruction and programmes.

Department Programmes

Mathematical Problem-Solving Programme

All Secondary One students will be introduced to Polya’s 4 stages of problem-solving as a strategy towards mathematical problem solving.  As students learned how to apply this structured approach, they were also encouraged to develop a positive mindset that helps them to persevere even when they encounter a challenging problem.

Financial Literacy Programme

The focus is enable students to appreciate the need for prudent management of one’s finances, as well as to challenge students to examine their value system pertaining to responsibility and love.
Active participation during Financial Literacy lesson
Engaged in the discussion of a case study

Secondary One Mathematics Trail cum VIA

The Secondary One Math Trail and VIA allow students to appreciate the link between Mathematics and the real world around them, and also provide the opportunity for students to give back to the community.

Helping visitors to solve mathematical puzzles

Observing the motion of the balls

Viva Voce

Viva Voce is a mode of alternative assessment adopted by our department to emphasise our belief in the importance of effective mathematical communication.  Students were required to articulate their thinking process as they attempt to answer mathematical questions posed to them.  This process will also enable students to gain greater clarity and better understanding of the mathematical concepts involved.

Secondary 3 CnME Modules

1. Mathematical Modelling
As an anchor module offered by the Mathematics department to selected Sec 3 students, the Mathematical Modelling module provides participants with the opportunity to see the connection between daily phenomena and mathematical representation in various forms like graphs and equations.  Through activities like problem-analysis and oral presentations, participants gained a better understanding of the Mathematical Modelling process.

Learning journey to a Police  Station
Estimating the distance between two points
2. Mathematics of Love
This module engages students to think about the application of simple mathematical concepts in the area of love, such as the unraveling of the mysteries of ‘love’ at first sight’.  This module presented students with a number of interesting but unexpected truths that kept them intrigued about the unconventional applications of mathematics.

Mathematics Competitions

As a department that seeks to cultivate analytical and inquiring minds, we have been encouraging our students to participate in mathematical competitions.  The following are some of the competitions that we participated in:
Singapore Mathematical Olympiad
Australian Mathematics Competition
NJC Secondary Mathematics Challenge

The Nan Hua team emerged first-runners-up at the NJC Secondary Math Challenge

Mathematics and Science Week

In Term 2 every year, the Mathematics and Science departments come together to organise a host of activities to engage the students.

Erm...A polygon with 4 sides, of which 2 are parallel...

As in previous years, Math Mania, a games carnival carried out during recess, continued to draw many students to various mathematical games like 2048 and Sudoku. To bring in an element of excitement, students who collected 12 stamps on a Carnival Card stood a chance to win attractive prizes. 
Trying to beat the best timing for Mathematical games
Yeah! We managed to break 
the code

This year’s ‘Escape Room’ activity was held in the Science Laboratory. Participants were required to solve Mathematics and Science puzzles in order to escape from the room within the stipulated time.
Observe how a beautifully taken photo follows the Golden Ratio...
I think we can represent it with this graph...

During Assembly, teams comprising members from different classes participated in the Pyramid Game. The audience not only enjoyed the game show which saw participants pitting their knowledge against one another, they also learnt new mathematical and scientific vocabulary.