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From left to right,

Row 1 (Seated):
Mr Tay Leng Hock Daren, Mr Ho Hui Yee Paul, Mdm Tan Eei Choo, Mdm Kee Shu-Yi Teresa, Mdm Lim Li Ching Wendy, Mdm Poon Yik Khuan, Ms Laura Khoo Bong Chee

Row 2:
Ms Leow Mei Si, Miss Rachel Chong Chia Xin, Mdm Nornieyuniza Bte Mohamed Yusuff,
Ms Tamsyn Elizabeth Tong Pei Ling, Ms Sun Yun Hui Grace, Ms Rajeleetha D/O Rajathiran

Row 3 (Back):
Ms Wee Su-Lyn Emily, Mr Ong Shan Ying Edwin, Mr Lam Kian Hing Bryson, Mdm Ho Wan Yee

RICH Fest – Realising Innovation & Creativity in the Humanities

For this year’s RICH Fest which has been the Humanities Department’s signature programme, students were treated to a series of interactive and engaging games to ignite their passion in the humanities and test their knowledge of various humanities topics. As a department, we believe that learning about the humanities can be fun and students should explore a variety of ways to express themselves. With that in mind, we put the Secondary 2 students’ inquisitive minds to work as they pit against one another in Kahoot quizzes and crossword puzzles. The Inter-Class Geography Infograph Competition and ‘Play Dough’ Sculpture Challenge allowed students to devise innovative ways to represent what they have learnt in their humanities lessons. One especially exciting feature of RICH Fest was the Criminal Investigation Site where students had to engage in a mini historical investigation in order to uncover the mystery behind an ancient skeleton. The Secondary Three students also wrote and performed songs on topics that they have learnt in their humanities classes. This year’s RICH Fest was indeed a fruitful session for students as they discovered interesting ways to appreciate the humanities.

Engaged in a Kahoot QuizLet the creative juices flow
Scrolling through the iPads to find the clues!
Students putting their archaeological skills to the test

Time Capsule Challenge

On 27th July, the Humanities and English departments organised our 2nd installment of the Time Capsule Challenge, a national Humanities and Current Affairs Competition that aims to enrich students’ understanding of current affairs and issues related to the humanities through creative application of their knowledge to different scenarios. A total of 13 teams from all over Singapore participated in the competition and students’ knowledge, wits and creativity were put to the test as they go through rounds of intense competition such as a 90-seconds Quick Answer Round and an adapted Structured Academic Controversy. The competition brought together like-minded students from various schools and allowed them to learn from each other.

It was a good learning experience for all participants
Preliminary Round - Adapted Structured Academic Controversy

Humanities Enrichment Activities

Firstly, in one of the History CnME modules, ‘Bringing People Back from the Past! Going on a Museum Adventure’, students are trained to be museum guides at the Old Ford Factory Museum where they present the Japanese Occupation of Singapore to museum visitors. In another module, “A Blast from the Past’, students learnt about the actual processes of archaeology through a simulated dig.
Student guide in action

Secondly, three Secondary 3 students represented the school in the NUS Geography Challenge 2017 on 25 March where they appreciate the importance of water conservation and the rich heritage of the Singapore River through creating an infograph on the Singapore River and journeying to significant landmarks (Geotrail) which required them to apply Geographical techniques and challenged their knowledge on Singapore’s heritage. 

Secondary 1 and 2 Historical and Geographical Investigation

To extend learning beyond the textbook, students are now taught to carry out investigations and apply their learning to real world situations and context. For History, the Secondary 2 students studied about how people's lives have changed during the Japanese Occupation at the former Ford Factory in March, by their Secondary 3 seniors acting as student docents.

Preparing for survey
Investigation complete!
Briefing at investigation siteTime for some results
Taking a photographic record
For Geography, in April, the Secondary 1 students learnt about water shortage, pertaining to the hypothesis ‘Human activities affect the quality of water in our waterway’ by being brought to the Ula Pandan Waterway to carry out their investigations. Likewise, the Secondary 2 students were brought to transport hubs around Singapore such as Jurong East, Woodlands and Boon Lay, to investigate the quality of Singapore’s public transport infrastructure. 

Parents Engagement Talk

This year, the Humanities department carried out a parents engagement talk on 1 April to help parents understand how the Humanities is taught at the lower secondary level so that they can provide better guidance and support to their children and to provide tips on how parents can help their children sustain an interest in the learning of the humanities. The sessions also included a hands-on session where parents experienced how the disciplines are taught first hand. 
Mrs Sim Eei Choo opening address
Mr Ong Shan Ying explaining GI to parents
Breakout Session for History during the Parents Engagement Session

Teacher-Led Workshop

As part of Nan Hua High School’s initiative to share our best practices with the teaching fraternity in Singapore, on 24 March, the Lower Secondary History teachers carried out a teacher-led workshop on the use of active learning strategies through a simulated historical investigative site. Teachers were helped to teach students the understanding of the historical concepts through a hands-on inquiry based learning process.

A photograph of the workshop trainers after receiving their certificates of appreciation from AST