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From left to right,

Row 1 (Seated):
Mr Cheng Kian Hua, Mdm Lim Jiuan, Mdm Nur Irdawaty Bte Abdul Rahman

Row 2:
Mdm Jennifer Lai, Mr Lim Chen Guo Jacobe, Ms Chin Ying Fen

Row 3 (Back Row):
Mr Victor Gan Yi Xiang, Mr Herman Bin Suratman

Championing the arts and developing students’ life-long love for it is our calling. The Aesthetics Department organised a kaleidoscope of programmes for our students this year. The visual arts, music, and dance enrichment lessons - carried out during CnME periods for lower secondary students, provided numerous opportunities for students to be exposed to global cultures and gain a deeper mastery of the arts. The Annual Arts Appreciation programme was a highlight. It encompassed exciting workshops from pastry pattern rolling, drumming to fun craft activities such as copper tooling and stained glass painting. Assembly programmes includes a dynamic Japanese drum ensemble which heightened students’ cultural awareness and Scarlet Avenue, a local band that provided a better understanding of music careers available for students.

Dept_Aesthetics_2016 (3).jpg
Secondary 1 Music Lesson
Dept_Aesthetics_2016 (4).jpg
Secondary 2 Art Modified Copy 
Painting Lesson
Through well-founded pedagogical methods like self-directed and collaborative learning, students achieved instrumental mastery and performance competency. Lower secondary students were equipped with knowledge of musical theory through online platforms and innovative music lessons such as Creative Ensembles that cultivate students’ creativity and confidence. Opportunities abounded for deserving students to perform at school platforms. Extended learning like a “Box Full of Beats” using the Cajon was introduced to Secondary 3 students during the interest- based CnME module.

Dept_Aesthetics_2016 (2).jpg
Lantern Making

Our students also attend varied and compelling lessons in Art & Design (A&D), Design & Technology (D&T) and Food & Consumer Education (FCE) which focus on teaching disciplinary skillsets. The core of A&D is creative creation with different mediums using inquiry based learning. Secondary 1 students embarked on an authentic learning project acting as graphic designers to create space-themed publicity materials for our annual event - ArtsFest. Our Secondary 2 budding artists painted their adapted modern art pieces, which were exhibited at the various ArtsFest venues. Our Higher Art students, the crème de la crème, had their final artworks presented in our art studios for appreciation. D&T exposes students to design thinking and problem solving. Displays of students’ work for example, luminous lanterns for Mid-Autumn Festival gave recognition to and nurtured a sense of pride in students. Our Food and Consumer Education (FCE) also involved authentic learning experiences by leveraging on current online shopping platforms to teach students about smart consumerism. Students also grew their own selected ingredients in an environmental initiative.

Dept_Aesthetics_2016 (1).jpg
Food & Consumer Education

Aristotle once said, “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” The Arts lend depth to students’ imagination. Creativity is an increasingly crucial skill set in an uncertain and changing world. At Nan Hua High, we desire to give students a strong foundation in the Arts that maximizes their potential and talents in their lives.