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Parent Support Group

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PSG Executive Committee 2018

Parent Support Group (PSG), formed officially in 2001, has established itself as an integral partner of the school. Every year, PSG organises workshops conducted by external speakers to strengthen parenting skills and sharings presented by the school to provide a better understanding of students’ school experiences. Bonding activities to build closer relationship within the families, especially between the father and the child, are also organised.

Volunteers ready to help with fund-raising.jpg
Volunteers ready to help with fund-raising

Workshops in 2017

Understanding the Changes and Challenges of Today’s Teenagers
Know Them, Guide Them
Dare to Discipline
I Can’t Live Without IT!
5 More Minutes please…

School Sharings in 2017
“Cultivating the Growth Mindset” by the Principal
Humanities Department Sharing
Education Career Guidance Sharing
Year-end Sharing by the Principal

 Family Bonding Activities in 2017
Mediacorp Experience Tour

Supporting School Programmes in 2017

Assisting in Secondary 1 Registration Exercise
Helping as facilitators for Camp Cultura and Citizenship Education Race (Centennial Road Run)
Demonstrating dumpling-wrapping during Appreciation of Chinese Culture lessons
Promoting the love for vegetables during Eco-Serve Week
Selling refreshment during Nan Hua Yuan
Fund-raising and providing dinner for PACES 2 (night study for Secondary 4 students)
Parents-ambassadors for Open House

Healthy cooking during Eco-Serve Week.jpg Last year, I was helping out at the PSG booth during the Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration, selling nonya kueh. When I looked across the canteen, there was my son, manning the Class 102 booth, selling cookies. I felt a common sense of bonding and after the event, we had a wonderful time talking about our collective experiences. Thank you, Nan Hua, for this opportunity and privilege to grow with my child.” – Mr Tan Hong Wee

Healthy cooking during Eco-Serve Week

"Following my daughter into her turbulent teenage years has been a rollercoaster journey with many ups and downs in our father-daughter relationship. Being part of PSG and getting personally involved in my daughter's school activities has proved to be a boon in the development of our relationship. Not only has she grown to appreciate the sacrifices of time, I also got to learn more about the school's culture and am better able to communicate about issues close to her heart." –Mr Alex Teo

Happy volunteers at Dumpling Festival.jpg

Happy volunteers at Dumpling Festival