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School Values

Value-of-the-month (VOM)

Value-of-the-month is a programme through which we engage students in the understanding of school values.


Loyalty means selfless dedication and unwavering love for one’s country. 

To be loyal is to put the country and national good above personal interests. It also means standing by one’s country in both good times and bad.

Filial Piety
Filial piety refers to respect for elders and in particular one’s parents.

To be filial is not only the action of respecting and obeying one’s parents on the surface, but having an inner desire to honour and serve them.

Humanity refers to a perfect virtue that is the highest moral goal a person seek to achieve. It is used to not only denote a special kind of virtue but also to denote all the virtues combined. 

The man of “Ren” is one who desires to develop himself and others. 

Love refers to not just  personal love but love for humanity and the community. 

True love is when one has a pure and selfless heart for others within the society. Love is put into action through the giving of oneself to others.

Courtesy refers to the way we interact with others and our etiquette. According to Confucius, it is a supreme virtue which breeds harmony. 

To be courteous is to have good interpersonal skills and treat others with respect regardless of who they are.

Righteousness represents the core of a gentleman’s character and how he relates with others.

Righteousness means doing the right thing and having the moral courage to stand up for what is right.

Integrity refers to be being pure, upright and beyond reproach.

Confucius teaches us to constantly strive to be pure and upright in what we do by having the self-discipline to do the right thing. We must be incorruptible and strive to achieve our ends by using the right means.

Sense of Shame
A person with a sense of shame shows disgust for what is wrong and is humble in admitting one’s mistakes. The sense of shame is a moral compass which guides a person to behave properly and to do the right thing.

VOM Lessons in NHHS

sec 2 tulip_filial piety.jpg
VOM lessons in Nan Hua aim to not only deepen students’ understanding of the school values, but also to get students to reflect deeply about the community around them and how they can  practice these values in authentic settings. The lessons feature discussions, hands-on activities and reflection exercises of how these school values can be practised in real life. After which, students are given opportunities to practise these values to develop themselves and  to benefit society. Ultimately, the goal is to nurture students to be world-ready individuals who embrace tradition and are champions of society. 

sec 3 filial piety 1.jpgsec 3 filial piety 5.jpg

Ceremonial Walk

ceremonial walk-all.jpg

The Ceremonial Walk is a dignified procession to inspire the values upon the memories and experiences of our students. This symbolic act embeds in them the importance of living out the school values, and in particular courtesy and righteousness.

The Ceremonial Walk ‘initiates’ our Sec 1 students into the Nan Hua Family as they walk in through the Archway of Courtesy and Righteousness. When they graduate in Sec 4, they will walk out of this Archway, symbolizing that they have acquired the school values, and reminding them that they should uphold these values as part of their identity as a Nanhuarian.  

Archway of Courtesy and Righteousness