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Giving Back感恩回馈

In 2014, our school stressed the importance of Giving Back to every student. Gratitude reflects the generosity of the Nan Hua Spirit and a duty to give back to one’s alma mater and society.

At home, we encourage parents to emphasize to their teenagers:
  • The importance of being grateful for what they receive (饮水思源)
  • To realise that their success is not only because of their own effort but because of the help of others (their family, the school, their friends)
  • To contribute to the family and society

This year, we launched a ‘Giving Back’ Ceremony (回馈之心) for our Secondary 2 and 4 students to give something back to their juniors. This is a reminder that as seniors they have a duty to give back to the school by helping their juniors, and for our younger students to pass on the kindness they receive to another batch of students when they grow up.
As ‘seniors’, each Secondary 2 student made ‘bi-cultural’ bookmarks, using both English and Chinese calligraphy to write words of encouragement to their Secondary 1 juniors.


The Secondary 4 students prepared a ‘survival kit’ for the Secondary 3 students as a form of encouragement to their juniors who will be sitting for their ‘O’ levels next year. With the survival kit comes a note which outlines the Senior’s personal ‘survival tips’ in Secondary 3 and a handicraft representing well wishes from the Senior to the Junior