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Parent Support Group


Parent Support Group (PSG), an integral part of the school, actively organises workshops to equip our members with parenting skills and family bonding sessions to strengthen family ties. We build connections with members and serve the school actively at various platforms.


PSG Events/Involvements

-       Workshop: Positive Parenting Programme (Triple P)

-       School Sharing: Growth Mindset, Learning How to Learn

-       Fellowship: Welcome Tea for Secondary 1 Parents

-       School Programme: Facilitators for Camp Cultura, Teaching dialect to Service Learning Club, Appreciating teachers by providing Teachers’ Day Breakfast

In spite of the COVID-19 situation, PSG continues to engage parents through social media and organise workshops through online platforms such as Zoom. They also taught dialects to the members of the Service Learning Club through the use of video recording.

PSG_2017_Edited.jpgPSG Chinese New Year Greeting

PSG is a platform where like-minded parents from various walks of life support school activities such as Eco-Serve Week, dumpling wrapping, Mid-Autumn Festival throughout the year. What we get in return from these experiences are stronger parent-child relationships. By committing my time and effort to the various volunteer projects in the school, I could see that my daughter is more independent, has a keen-to-learn attitude and a positive mindset. In addition, members form strong friendships with other parent volunteers. PSG is where we get to learn parenting tips through workshops, get in touch with the school teachers and receive the latest updates from the school. I have enjoyed myself as a PSG volunteer throughout these 4 years and I have grown to be a learner myself, just like the NHHS students.

 – Ms Candice Chong, Chairman of PSG 2020 


PSG Events/Involvements

-     Championing Positive Education through an online lesson 

    Donating for the upgrading of the School Library

-    Packing "Grow Your Own Green" kits for students 

    Promoting the love for reading during Library Week 

    Supporting the new Nan Hua parents and students during Secondary 1 Registration 

The Parent Support Group (PSG) continues the effort to work closely with the school, despite the disruptions due to the pandemic. Though the members were unable to meet face-to-face, we leveraged online platforms such as Facebook to engage one another and Zoom to conduct meetings, online workshops on Positive Parenting Practices and a virtual Welcome Tea. This year, the PSG contributed generously to the upgrading of the school library, and the provision of dinner for Night Study and breakfast to the staff for Teachers’ Day Celebrations. 
Donating for the upgrading of the School Library.jpg


I really enjoy meeting up with other PSG members, getting tips and checking in with parents who have children in the same level. (Wee Harn Ing)