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Principal's Message

Principal’s Foreword

Mrs Tan Jong Lek, Principal

2021 was marked with encouraging successes and herculean challenges for us at Nan Hua High School. As a Nan Hua family, we stood rooted in unison and believed in our processes. We are thus confident that we will be able to provide our students a safe and conducive environment for them to become confident, creative and cultured individuals with a great passion for learning, ready to conquer their ever-changing future.

The staff and students of Nan Hua High School persevered, transformed and established innovative solutions to overcome any tribulations that the COVID-19 pandemic ushered our way. This is testament of the unfaltering Nan Hua spirit in these times of difficulties, crisis and need. Consistently learning, the school is better equipped to handle the recent surge in COVID-19 cases and effectively continue to strive for excellence. 

As Nan Hua geared up ahead to stay relevant, all staff and students were initiated into the digital classroom where learning remained effective and engaging regardless of where it took place, physically in school or remotely from home. To better prepare our staff and students for digital learning and create a positive cyber culture, we embarked on a vivid year of in-house sharing sessions and workshops on e-pedagogies and new technology. Today, we are all confident of harnessing the power of digital technology in the classroom. Moving forward, Nan Hua will continue to prioritise cyber wellness programmes to nurture in our students, not just skills but values, which would serve them well in navigating digital spaces responsibly.

The unfaltering spirit of the Nan Hua family continues to shine as we step forward into a different world.  The 2021 GCE ‘O’ Level Examination brought out the tenacity and diligence of our students as they proved their ability to soar to achieve their success and embrace the new world. Complementing our outstanding academic excellence, the Uniformed Groups and Sports CCAs displayed remarkable resolve and innovation in the way CCAs were carried out this year, maintaining requirements of practice sessions yet keeping their members close and taken care of.  Meanwhile, all our Performing Arts CCA groups also performed their best on new terrains in the various SYF competitions.  Embracing this new normal, Nan Hua High school embarked on our first ever online Cultural Potpourri Concert where imaginations were stretched and boundaries were blurred to bring performances into homes.

As Nan Hua imbue in our students the notion of learning as a lifelong endeavour, we continue to keep an open mind to the path that lay ahead of us. The challenges faced by youths of today and the future are different from those decades ago, especially with social media, pressure to perform and a change in wants and needs wielding a bigger influence. Mental health, therefore, took centrestage as the school moulds Nanhuarians as leaders of tomorrow. Key processes such as student well-being check-in surveys, daily monitoring of students' well-being and consistent guidance and support continue to play a major role as the school enhanced the Character and Citizenship Education curriculum to prioritise mental health education.

We are indeed very privileged to work with numerous partners who support us continually, namely our School Advisory Committee, Parents Support Group and Alumni.  We look forward to growing the Nan Hua Community and we anticipate a fruitful and healthy 2022.

Mrs Tan Jong Lek