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Principal's Message

Principal’s Foreword


2018 marks Nan Hua High School’s journey forward in the education landscape as we continue positively to focus on tradition and innovation.  As Nan Hua flourishes as an esteemed institution of learning, we are imbued with a sense of pride about our rich heritage and confident of who we are and what we stand for as a school of excellence. As we step into our 101 st year and beyond, we pay tribute to the tireless effort of our staff, Parent-Support Group, Alumni, community partners and the School Advisory Committee, past and present, in moulding Nanhuarians.  We will continue to strive by building on our strengths and strong ties with the community and hand in hand, we will be ‘Building Our Next Centenary Together”. 

As Nan Hua gears up ahead to embrace the future with confidence and chart a positive future for its students, we believe in continuous innovation and recognise the importance of staying relevant. Our focus centres around providing opportunities for students to be engaged meaningfully in their learning; learning not merely about subject matter but more importantly about leading meaningful lives. Explorations on Positive Education allow Nan Hua to examine enablers that embolden students to lead a fulfilling, meaningful life.

The enduring Nan Hua spirit of excellence continues to shine as we step forward confidently into the next centenary. In the 2017 GCE ‘O’ Level Examination, nearly 60% of our students scored six or more distinctions.  Complementing our outstanding academic achievements, our NCC girls displayed remarkable grit and emerged champion for the 3 rd successive year in the NCC Freestyle Drill Competitions. In Sports, the Softball girls came in second in the National Games. 350 Secondary 2 students, together with the Dance Society also proudly performed at the National Day parade where they embraced the once-in-a-lifetime experience with enthusiasm. All these bear testimony to how Nanhuarians have grown richer in their experience and learnt the true meaning of love for the country, teamwork, sportsmanship and resilience among other skills and competencies.

Nan Hua has indeed blossomed and we are grateful for our stakeholders, in particular, the Alumni Association, for continuing its close relationship with the school. This year, a plethora of meaningful items were judiciously curated and placed in a time capsule at our Heritage Gallery. We hope that this time capsule will bring much joy and significance upon its opening in 2042 at the school’s 125 th Anniversary. This will allow future Nanhuarians to stay anchored on the school’s heritage and rich traditions as they go about building a strong and united Nan Hua within the context of a stable and peaceful Singapore. 

We are indeed very privileged to work with numerous partners who support us continually, namely our School Advisory Committee, Parents Support Group and Alumni. We look forward to growing the Nan Hua community and encourage all who love and care for the school to join us. Onward to our next centenary together! 


Mrs Tan Jong Lek