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Principal's Message

Principal’s Foreword

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Mrs Tan Jong Lek, Principal

Anchored by our 8 school values, Nan Hua High School continue to confidently navigate a tumultuous 2020. Because we believe that life’s roughest storms prove the strengths of our anchors, Nan Hua persevered in moulding young minds in the pursuit of excellence amidst uncertain times. We remained true to our core belief of preserving our cultural heritage and traditions while providing a student-centric, values-driven education for Nanhuarians. Together with our stakeholders and the community, the Nan Hua family has proven to be resilient, adaptable and innovative in forging ahead into the ever-changing future.

We were mindful of preparing Nanhuarians for the ambiguities that the outside world and future present to us and worked to engage our students meaningfully both in school as well as during the circuit breaker. Focusing on individual as well as collective strengths, education in Nan Hua encouraged students to take action and direct the sails to chart their journey forward. Our Character Education programme and the 8 school values continue to cultivate in students a sound moral grounding and a positive sense of self-awareness that will propel them to enrich the lives of others while remaining grounded in humility.

Inspired to keep abreast with the changing landscape in education amidst a global pandemic, teachers in Nan Hua pressed on in our exploration to engineer breakthroughs in the classrooms, virtual or otherwise. Various professional development opportunities, especially revolving around e-pedagogies and new technology, were embraced by the teachers in innovative ways so that we can continue to engage Nanhuarians. As educators, Nan Hua teachers rally as a fraternity, collaborate and re-learn ways of teaching, epitomising the true meaning of life-long learning. As such, deeper learning and better teaching and learning outcomes were achieved notwithstanding the limitations Covid19 presented to us.

The 2020 GCE O Level examination further reiterated the enduring Nan Hua spirit of excellence which continued to stand out as we imbue in Nanhuarians the notion that learning is a lifelong journey of exploration, discovery and reflection. During unbridled times, Nanhuarians kept an open mind and heart to embrace the lessons the world has to offer and stood ready to sail in high winds of their future in tertiary education.

We are very privileged to work with numerous partners who support us continually, namely our School Advisory Committee, Parents Support Group and Alumni. With such mutual partnerships, we anticipate a joyful 2021 and beyond.

Mrs Tan Jong Lek