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Centennial Logo





The logo consists of the emblem “南華” and “百年” symbolising the school's centennial year in 2017. 

The logo is made up of the fingerprints of both thumbs of a Nanhuarian. Each Nanhuarian joining the school becomes part of the Nan Hua family and are united by the same Nan Hua DNA. The name of the school form the ridges of the thumbprints and reminds us of the annual rings of a tree trunk symbolising “百年树人”. 

The logo also shows a balance of Traditions and Innovations. In ancient times, fingerprints were used as a means for identification through ink impression on paper. Today, we access technology by using our finger tips to swipe our electronic and mobile devices. The emblem  “南華” is rendered in auspicious red - a colour that is used in traditional Chinese seals while “百年” is calligraphy written by the current Principal, Mrs Tan Jong Lek. 

The centennial logo is designed by Mr. Benjamin Xue, an alumni of Nan Hua High School who is currently running his own design consultancy firm specialising in User Experience and Design Thinking. Benjamin, a Valedictorian of his class 2014, is trained as an Industrial Designer and has won numerous awards in Design. He has a Bachelor of Arts with 1st Class Honours in Industrial Design, and has taken a keen interest in using design to be the catalyst to bring different expertise together and work towards a common goal.  He is also a technologist at heart and is constantly looking out for the little eureka moments in our everyday lives to make the world a better place.