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World. Nan Hua.

The International Immersion Programme (IIP) was launched in 2006 to develop the cultural intelligence of our students and staff through student exchanges and immersion in foreign culture. The programme seeks to broaden the perspectives of our students and to extend learning beyond the classroom.
In line with our SAP mission, IIP aims to develop our students into world-ready youths with an appreciation of diverse cultures and the understanding of the importance for co-existence and mutual reliance among countries of the world. We envision our students to be bicultural scholars and savvy in their ability to integrate the east and west in thought, in speech and in action. This will prepare them for an increasingly multi-cultural working environment in the future. Through the programme, our students will also be groomed to be the new generation of culturally sensitive leaders, capable of leading our nation into the future.
IIP consists of two prongs: an Inbound component that emphasizes on hosting of foreign delegates by our Secondary students and an Outbound component that is anchored on exposure to foreign cultures and environments through overseas immersion.

Through the International Immersion Programme, the school seeks to develop creative, confident and cultured students. Trips away from school and hosting visitors to our school are the two main components of the programme.

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In line with MOE’s guidelines for the Trips for International Experience (TIE) Fund, trips for students of the school in 2016 are concentrated in ASEAN countries such as Cambodia, Malaysia and Thailand. Since Nan Hua High School is a SAP school, it is vital for our students to be immersed in Chinese culture. Thus, the school also organised trips to China and Taiwan. Feedback from participating teachers and students was positive. Besides these trips, the school also capitalised on the Hosting of Overseas Students and Teachers (HOST) programme to develop cultural versatility in our students. Secondary 2 classes took turns to host visitors from China, Hong Kong and Thailand. Our students were exemplary ambassadors of the school and there were formal presentations and cultural performances put up by the classes to enable the visitors to know Singapore and the school better. Students also interacted with the visitors and discovered more about their cultures while the visitors, through lesson observations, were familiarised with the process of teaching and learning in our school.



Thoughts from Participants

“Through the Uniformed Groups Cultural Immersion Trip to Malaysia, I feel more strongly about what it means to be a Singaporean. Singapore is totally different from Gopeng. Though it is less developed than Singapore, its unique kampong spirit is something which is rarely observed in Singapore. Furthermore, Singapore is more developed and water is easily accessible. In Gopeng, accessibility to water is poor and residents take thirty-minute drives to the city to access basic necessities. I realised how fortunate I am and now appreciate what I have much more.”
- Teow Choon Ray, Class 204

“The trip to Malaysia was certainly an eye-opener for me…I learnt a lot about the Malay culture through participation in many activities such as a Malay wedding. This overseas trip has certainly given me many learning opportunities.”
- Wong Wei Xiang, Class 311