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Updates on Sustainable Environment Education Programme

Sec 3 CnMe (Underwater World)

Dr. Toh Tai Chong, lecturer from College of Alice and Peter Tan, NUS, and his team of student facilitators, conducted a 7-week module on marine biodiversity and ways of marine conservation with our group of Sec 3 students in January to March.

In this module, students learned:
1.    to read and analyse journal articles, scientific articles and news articles.
2.    to make meaning on marine conservation from the scientific articles they read.
3.    to create good infographics.
4.    to appreciate the variety of marine creatures seen in their learning journey.

Dr. Toh and his team brought marine specimens collected by the university to enrich students’ learning experience further.

Marine Specimens for Sustainable Environment Education Nan Hua High School 2.jpg
Marine Specimens for Sustainable Environment Education Nan Hua High School.jpg

Reflections from Ong Yi Pin (Class 307):

“In the SEA aquarium, we learnt that marine animals which were kept in captivity were fed by humans. This will make them lose their ability to hunt for prey should they be released back to the ocean. Marine animals which are kept in the aquariums have lesser space to swim about as compared to those swimming in the ocean. They might initially feel very restricted in the enclosed space. We also developed our critical thinking through identifying real news and fake news. I feel this is an important skill that everyone should learn too!”

ECo-Serve Week 2019

In conjunction with Earth Hour, ECo-Serve Week was held on 25 to 29 March 2019. This year, new initiative such as 7-days Zero Waste Challenge and Building of Eco Furniture were introduced.

Students were encouraged to collect their daily waste in a glass jar for seven days to learn the value of minimizing waste. Students from Service Learning Club designed the Zero Waste Challenge badge which was given to students who took up the challenge successfully. This initiative was held in alignment with the vision of Ministry of the  Environment and Water Resources, ie. towards a Zero Waste Singapore. 

Nan Hua ECO Serve Week 2019.jpg

In the same week, staff and students were encouraged to take public transport to school and interviews were conducted with staff and students who take public transport to school.

Nan Hua ECO Serve Week Interviews 2019.jpg
Service Learning Club students collected used beverage bottles to make eco furniture with the help of our school staff, Mr Redzuan. They made an eco sofa out of used beverage cartons to promote zero waste effort.

Nan Hua ECO Serve Week Plastic Sofa 2019.jpg

National Environment Quiz 2019

Our school organises the National Environment Quiz every year to educate young participants from primary and secondary schools across the country on environmental issues and concerns. This year, 88 schools participated and one of the schools, Global Indian International School, shared with the audience their eco efforts in the school.

Nan Hua National Environment Quiz 2019.jpg
Nan Hua National Environment Quiz 2 2019.jpg

Reflections from Sec 3 Student from class 309:

I feel that the experience is a really fun and meaningful one. This is because we got to interact with kids of younger ages. The people were really friendly and some even thanked us for organising the activity. From them, I learned to appreciate the environment around us more because after researching, I found that the Earth is slowly dying. If we do not do something, the Earth may not be habitable in the future. With that, I feel that the VIA was a memorable one and I hope that we would be able to do more of these in the future.

Earth Hour 2019

Earth Hour was organised on 30 March 2019. Nan Hua Earth Hour 2019.jpg
Students from Class 306 and Service Learning Club put up booths to engage the residents to learn about the effects of climate change.

Girl Guides put up ukulele performances for residents who attended the event.

Nan Hua Earth Hour Girl Guides Performance 2019.jpg

Tree Planting 2019

Every year, the school leaders would plant a tree in the school, in collaboration with NParks, to support the initiative of planting more trees in the country to reduce carbon footprint.

Nan Hua Tree Planting 2019.jpg
Nan Hua Tree Planting 2 2019.jpg

Sec One CnME – Planting Tomato Plants

The Innovation and Environment Education Committee collaborated with the Values-in-Action Committee to involve all Sec One students in planting tomato plants and harvesting tomatoes to distribute to the community. Through this joint project, students will develop ownership for the school environment, care for the environment and share their harvest with the community.

Nan Hua High Environment Planting Tomato Plants.jpg

Nan Hua High Environment Planting Tomato Plants 2.jpg
To support Zero Waste Challenge, our Sec One students collected used paper cartons and upcycled them into Eco Lanterns. These lanterns were collected and displayed in the Mid-Autumn Festival on 30 Aug 2019.

Nan Hua High School Eco Waste Challenge 2019.jpg
Nan Hua High School Eco Waste Challenge 2 2019.jpg

Collaborations with International Seakeepers

International Seakeepers conducted Marine Conservation lesson for Service Learning Club on 30 July 2019 in a floating classroom on a yacht. Students learned the importance of marine conservation and ways to protect the seawaters. 

Nan Hua Service Learning Club International Seakeepers 2019.jpg
Nan Hua Service Learning Club International Seakeepers 2019 2.jpgNan Hua Service Learning Club International Seakeepers 2019 3.jpg

Eco Literacy Programme - Marine Conservation

logo_edu_revised.pngNan Hua High School envisions every student to be an active advocate of Green Living. 
The school sought the help from Dr Toh Tai Chong, lecturer 
from College of Alice and Peter Tan, National University of Singapore, to conduct a 5-session programme for Sec 1 and 2 Service Learning Club members in July to September to teach them effective reading and literacy skills through reading scientific articles related to marine and environment conservation topics.

Through reading and analysing articles on protection of coral reefs, impact of human activities on habitats of marine animals and effect of land reclamation on marine ecosystem, students learned to make informed decisions regarding economic and environmental issues.

Dr Toh explaining the dead coral he picked up to students on Pulau Semakau.jpg

Dr Toh explaining the dead coral he picked up to students on Pulau Semakau.

Eco Literacy Presentation by Students.jpg

Presentation by students on their learning led by NUS CAPT students

Eco Literacy 3 - Semakau Landfill Visit.jpg

Reflections from Students

“Dr Toh’s lessons have given me new insights on different environmental problems in Singapore such as devastating effects of land reclamation…” Tan Jun Hunn, Class 206.

“Dr Toh’s lessons have shown me that not all countries are as fortunate as us, having the government to have funds to create a cleaner and green environment.” Lee Wen Jie, Class 101.

“Based on news articles, we discussed using the format of 5Ws and 1H, to present the “Slowing of the Gulf Stream Currents”. From this, I discovered that the slowing of Gulf Stream Currents can lower the global water temperatures and species that are unable to adapt to change in the environment will die out and this will greatly impact the food chains.” Roy Teo Jing Ming, Class 207.

“The lessons exposed us to various organisms such as horsehoe crabs and how they are affected due to humans’ desire and convenience. The lessons deepen our knowledge on these species through research, games and group discussions. We also explored different issues in Singapore such as the use of plastic and marine trash.” Adina Soh Yu Xuan, Class 205

“Through the gallery walk, we showcased our posters to each group. I felt it was beneficial as we could learn about different topics through different views of our peers. We should continue such eye-opening and insightful workshop.” Natalie Fong, Class 206

Biodiversity Workshop at NUS

Biodiversity Workshop by NUS_1.jpg
Recently, the Service Learning Club attended a Biodiversity workshop organised by Department of Biological Sciences (DBS), National University of Singapore, on 6 June 2018.

They learned the various flora and fauna found along Kent Ridge Road behind the DBS building. Dr Ng and Dr Chong taught our students the importance of biodiversity conservation, the various types of flora and their benefits to mankind, especially medicinal uses. Students learned the impact of climate change on the survival of these flora and fauna.

Students gained useful practical skills such as collection of specimens and observation of specimens through the stereoscopes and microscopes. It is definitely an enriching and engaging workshop to attend.

Biodiversity Workshop by NUS_2.jpg
Biodiversity Workshop by NUS_3.jpg

Biodiversity Workshop by NUS_4.jpg

Earth Hour 2018

Every year, Nan Hua High School co-organises Earth Hour with West Coast Community Centre to promote energy conservation to the residents at Clementi West Street 2. This year, the event was held at the newly renovated West Coast Community Centre, with Mr S Iswaran, Minister of Trade and Industry (Industry), gracing the event. 

Nan Hua High School supported this year’s Earth Hour with more than 170 students and teachers. Class 310 took up the challenge to set up at least 10 booths to promote environment education to the community. They taught children the importance of wildlife conservation through mix and match games and water conservation through online quiz and posters.

Nan Hua Earth Hour Booth_2018_1.jpgNan Hua Earth Hour_2018.jpgNan Hua Earth Hour Booth_2018_2.jpg

Service Learning Club students also set up many booths to promote environment education to the community. They engaged the children in bowling and asked them an environment question for every bowling session completed. Students also made eco crafts out of used egg cartons to teach the community on importance of waste reduction and repurposing. Other CCAs also participated actively in this event. Girl Guides’ create the 60+ formation on the floor using excess cheer leading pom-poms given by People’s Association to minimize waste. The 60+ formation lit up beautifully when the lights in the vicinity were switched off for one hour to symbolise the importance of energy conservation globally.

Nan Hua Earth Hour Booth_2018_3.jpgNan Hua Earth Hour Booth_2018_4.jpgNan Hua Earth Hour Booth_2018_5.jpg
Nan Hua Earth Hour Booth_2018_6.jpgNan Hua Earth Hour Booth_2018_7.jpgNan Hua Earth Hour Booth_2018_8.jpg

Dance Society and Choir put up concert performances to heighten the climax of the event as they engaged the audience completely when they danced and sang before the audience. Dance Society delivered the message of keeping the environment clean through their dance item and Choir sang beautifully to the tune to remind audience to protect and care for the Earth.

Nan Hua Earth Hour_2018_1.jpgNan Hua Earth Hour_2018_2.jpg
Nan Hua Earth Hour_2018_3.jpgNan Hua Earth Hour_2018_4.jpg

Eco Passport Trail 2018

This year, the school created its own Eco Passport which brings students to visit 6 destinations in school that shows sustainable environment education. The school hosted students from HKUGA College on 20 March, during ECo-Serve Week, to share with them how the school practices sustainable environment action. The 6 destinations include:

1. School’s Eco Garden
2. Bioretention Swale
3. Butterfly Garden
4. Food waste management
5. Eco Lifestyle Store
6. Recycling Station

Nan Hua_Eco Serve Week_2018_Eco Passport Trail.jpgNan Hua_Eco Serve Week_2018_Eco Passport Trail_1.jpg
Nan Hua_Eco Serve Week_2018_Eco Passport Trail_3.jpgNan Hua_Eco Serve Week_2018_Eco Passport Trail_5.jpg
Nan Hua_Eco Serve Week_2018_Eco Passport Trail_4.jpgNan Hua_Eco Serve Week_2018_Eco Passport Trail_2.jpg
Nan Hua_Eco Serve Week_2018_Eco Passport Trail_6.jpgNan Hua_Eco Serve Week_2018_Eco Passport Trail_7.jpg
Nan Hua_Eco Serve Week_2018_Eco Passport Trail_8.jpg

National Environment Quiz 2018

This year, 71 schools secondary and primary schools participated in the annual National Environment Quiz held on 30 June 208. The event was graced by Dr Toh Tai Chong, College of Alice and Peter Tan, National University of Singapore.

National Environment Quiz 2018.jpg

Green Wave 2018

Green Wave 2018 Tree Planting.JPG
Every year, the school leaders plant a tree to signify the importance of providing a green and sustainable living environment to the students and promote a reduced-carbon footprint lifestyle. This year, the school leaders planted an Asam Gelugor tree at the back of classroom blocks on 16 May 2018. The fruit of the Asam Gelugor is commonly used in dishes like Asam Pedas.

Sec 2 Integrated Science Outdoor Eco Lesson

Sec 2 Nanhuarians experienced their eco outdoor lesson through conducting water analysis of collected water samples from the eco pond and ornamental pond in the school. They compared the readings they obtained from their dataloggers and proposed possible reasons for the differences they obtained in their readings.

Innovation in Solving Food Waste Management

The school, with support from National Environment Agency (NEA), has a food waste digester to convert food waste into compost. However, as the food waste bins given by NEA are too big to be placed in conference rooms and AVA rooms, the school’s Innovation Environment Education Committee created bins made out of used broom sticks and clips to separate and sort food waste from general waste. These bins can be easily collapsed and kept in store room when not in use.NanHua_Food_Waste_Management_2018.jpg

Eco Lifestyle Store

The school started its first Eco Lifestyle Store this year. The store collects used and unwanted items from school and gives out to students and teachers for repurpose. Old items like used DVDs, clothes, books, soft toys and bags are welcomed by all. In this way, waste reduction is advocated and repurposing is promoted.NanHua_Eco_Lifestyle_Store_2018.jpg

Sustainable Living 2018


This year, the school started its farming corner to promote sustainable living and reduced carbon footprint. Students from Service Learning Club as well as teachers, office staff and school leaders take turns to water the vegetables grown from seeds and seedlings. The vegetables are succulent and juicy and palatable to the taste buds! 


Sec 3 CnME Lessons 2018 – What a Wonderful World

A group of Sec 3 students signed up for the school’s What a Wonderful World enrichment module on environment education to learn about the importance of biodiversity conservation. They went to Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum and Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve to appreciate the understanding of biodiversity conservation. They also learned from invited speakers from International Seakeepers and Nature Society of Singapore the importance of marine biodiversity conservation and fragile ecosystems.

Sec 2 CnME Lessons 2018

Every year, environment education enrichment lessons are conducted for Sec 2 nanhuarians. This year, Sec 2 nanhuarians spent 5 weeks in Term 1 to work on a small-scale eco project to address an environment problem and also created eco lamps out of recycled material like used cardboards, bread bags and used plastic bags. Some simple eco projects include creating posters to remind classes to reduce electricity and water consumption as well as demonstrating to school on the different uses of plastic bottles to minimise waste production.


Class Environment Champions Training 2018

Sec 1 and 2 students went on a learning journey on 16 May 2018 to Tuas Incineration Plant to be aware of how waste management is carried out in the western part of Singapore. Students learned the importance of reducing wastes and would share their new knowledge with their peers in the second semester.

Reading and Environment Education Overseas Learning Trip 2017

Nan Hua High School sent a team of students and teachers to Taichung, Taiwan in Nov 2017 on an 8D7N learning journey to learn about their reading culture and eco efforts. It was a meaningful and eye-opening trip as students and teachers learned the importance of protecting the environment through observing the committed and faithful eco-behaviour of the Taiwanese students and teachers.

Visit to Stella Matutina Girls’ High School

Our school visited the students at Stella Matutina Girls’ High School. We were impressed with their warm hospitality and great wealth of knowledge on environmental issues around the world. They were enthusiastic ardent readers who shared with our students various reading articles on environmental problems locally and globally. They engaged our students in active discussion about the environmental problems and they brainstormed feasible solutions to overcome those problems.

Stella Matutina Girls’ High School has a backyard where their girls sort out their waste regularly. They sorted them according to recyclables and non-recyclables and they created labels to identify their sorted waste. Their girls also roster themselves to clean the school daily at 3.00pm in the afternoon. After they have swept away the fallen leaves in the walkway and garden, the leaves were piled up and left to compost.

Visit to Toucheng Leisure Farm

In our visit, our students learned about the biodiversity found in the farm. They learned about the various plants found in the farm and their beneficial qualities. The significant learning we got from our farm visit was that people in the farm had a cultured behaviour to separate and sort their food waste from their cutlery after their meals.

In our trip to Taiwan, we learned to be more mindful in our actions towards the environment. We were more dedicated in our food waste and rubbish sorting management work during meal times and during school camps. Teachers were also more conscious in using lunch boxes for their take-away from the canteen instead of using Styrofoam boxes. We engaged our students to be more caring towards the environment by letting the Sec 2 students complete their eco projects in the weekly environment enrichment module. We hope to nurture students to develop ownership in caring for the environment and our adults to role model before them.

On the Yacht Lesson with Seakeepers

Nan Hua High students had the privilegeBiodiversity_Yatch_Lesson_Environment_NanHua_2018.JPG
 to have an outdoor yacht lesson on marine biodiversity with the International Seakeepers on 31 October 2017. They learned the importance of coral reef protection in Singapore waters as well as using microscopes to observe planktons and zooplanktons in the water.

The Biodiversity_Yatch_Lesson_Environment_NanHua_2018_2.JPGstudents learned to put on diving suits which the divers wear when they dive into the sea to study coral reefs and to remove the waste they find from the seabed.

The following website is the partners whom Nan Hua High School collaborated with:
1.    The International Seakeepers
2.    Tropical Marine Science Institute, NationalUniversity of Singapore