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National Youth Environment Conference Organised By Nan Hua High School

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About Us

The inaugural National Youth Environment Conference (NYEC) 2020 is a collaboration between Nan Hua High School’s sKy Leaders (students from the Talent Development Programme) and the Service Learning Club.

NYEC aims to bring together students who care for the environment. It provides a platform for students to talk about how policies can help shape a sustainable future through a Model United Nations Conference simulation.

During the conference, students will have the opportunity to champion their country’s position on the selected environmental issues, debate over it and form blocs with other delegates to push forth their resolutions. By being active participants in the discussions, students will have a deeper understanding and a more holistic view of the environmental issues and its challenges. In the process of pushing their viewpoints and working with others, students will also be able to learn important emerging 21st century competencies.

The theme for this year’s conference - “ A Sustainable City Development “ - is in line with our Prime Minister’s push for efforts to tackle climate change. "Although Singapore may not be able to stop climate change by ourselves, we can contribute solutions, and we must do our fair share," said PM Lee.

A special feature of NYEC that sets us apart from other Model UN Conferences is the inclusion of learning and reflection segments. The Learning Journeys in Day 1 will allow students to have a deeper understanding of Singapore’s current efforts in tackling the various environmental issues. The Delegate in Action segment in Day 2 will allow students to consolidate and reflect on what they can do as individuals to contribute to sustainable city development.

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Through NYEC, I developed soft skills like writing of proposals and delegation of jobs which will help me in future projects.
-  Yap Zihua, 308