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Sustainable Environment Education

Sec 3 CnMe (Wildlife Buddies)

In collaboration with River Safari, students learn about the following in the module:

      biodiversity in Singapore through excursions to River Safari  and documentary- Hidden Wildlife by CNA

      effects of climate change on wildlife conservation

      evaluation of human actions towards the environment

      serving as ambassadors for the zoo to share about wildlife and conservation

      engaging peers and initiation of school environmental campaigns to showcase biodiversity and raise public awareness on conservation

A trip to River Safari.jpg

A trip to River Safari

“The Wildlife Buddies module was a truly enriching one as we got to learn how we can conserve and protect wildlife and appreciate its beauty. The trip to River Safari was my favourite part of the module as we were able to explore more about many marine animals. Through the module, we gained better in-depth knowledge on wildlife.”

Kingston Ho, 307

Tree Planting 2020

Every year, the school leaders would plant a tree in the school, in collaboration with NParks, to support the initiative of planting more trees in the country to reduce carbon footprint.

Our School Leaders planting a tree in the school.JPG

Our School Leaders Planting a Tree in School

Sec One CnME – Planting Tomato, Lady’s Finger and Kangkong in collaboration with Eco Action Day by Ricoh’s Seeds for Schools and making Eco Lanterns for Mid-Autumn Festival

The Innovation and Environment Education Committee collaborated with the Values-in-Action Committee to involve all Secondary One students in planting vegetables at home and harvesting them to distribute to the community. The plants include tomato, lady’s finger and kangkong. Through this joint project, students developed care for the environment and shared their harvest with the community.

Learning more about Hydroponics.jpg

Learing more about Hydroponics

To support Zero Waste Challenge, our Secondary One students collected used paper cartons and upcycled them into Eco Lanterns. These lanterns were collected and displayed around the school for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Upcycling materials to make Eco Lanterns.JPG

Upcycling materials to make Eco Lanterns

Sustainable Living

Vegetables were planted, grown and harvested by students and teachers for all to enjoy, reducing carbon-footprint and enhancing sustainable living efforts.       

Exploring and discovering during CnME.JPG

Exploring and discovering during CnME

In addition, the school was awarded the International Green Flag Award in January this year for its contributions to environment conservation. It is a two-year award which would be valid from 2020 to 2021. It was presented by the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) to our school principal in recognition of the school’s effort in environment conservation.

Nan Hua is a proud recipient of the International Green Flag Award.JPG

Nan Hua is a proud recipient of the International Green Flag Award