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SAP Flagship

SAP @ Nan Hua: Chinese Culture and Bicultural Studies Programme
The SAP Flagship Programme is a key initiative of MOE to support each SAP school in developing a bi-cultural programme that enhances each school’s identity and exposes students to an enriched and holistic experience in the learning of both languages and cross-cultural appreciation. Nan Hua High School (NHHS)’s Flagship Programme — “SAP@Nan Hua: Chinese Culture and Bicultural Studies Programme”, focuses not only on values and culture education that is essential in the inculcation of SAP ethos, but also on the practical life skills that allow SAP students to have a comparative advantage and stand out amongst the rest as they step into a globally-connected world and contribute to a multi-faceted Singapore society with a global outlook. Thus, the theme of our flagship programme is “Relishing traditional culture, Embracing Modern Outlook”.

The flagship programme comprises two elements and five key components. For the elements of classical thoughts and culture, it will be supported by “Appreciation of Chinese Culture (ACC)” and “Confucian Ethics (CE)”. For the element of contemporary life skills and spirit of modernisation. It will be supported by the “Translation and Interpretation (T&I)” and “Contemporary China Studies (CCS)” and “Bicultural Studies Programme (BS)”. This provides a holistic curriculum encompassing both sound knowledge as well as practical life skills.

Appreciation of Chinese Culture
The Appreciation of Chinese Culture (ACC) is a two-year programme that spans over the lower secondary levels. Each level will have one period of ACC weekly (55 mins). The school uses its own school-based curriculum with various topics on Chinese cultural knowledge. Besides knowledge-based content, there are also specific hands-on skills for students to learn and pick up. For example, Sec One students learn Chinese calligraphy and Chinese painting, while Sec Two students pick up clay sculpture and seal engraving. There is also the learning journey component in which students are exposed to various cultural elements such as the appreciation of Chinese tea culture in tea-houses and the appreciation of Chinese contemporary drama.

Confucian Ethics
The teaching of Confucian Ethics (CE) was conducted for all Sec One students, undergoing 1 period of CE weekly (55 mins) for a term. The school designs its own school-based curriculum with particular emphasis on the school’s mission (3Cs) and eight school values. There is also conscious effort in infusing elements of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) as part of values education. It will also be leveraging on MOE’s CE resource package. The curriculum will not be focusing solely on values education, but also the application of Confucian philosophy in a contemporary context. Reference and comparative studies will also be made as far as possible with other schools of thoughts and universal values in both the Eastern and Western world.

Translation and Interpretation
The Translation and Interpretation (T&I) module is implemented at Sec Two Level. Students will have one period of (T&I) weekly (55 mins) for a term. School-based curriculum is adopted. Besides the introduction of basic translation and interpretation principles, the module will focus on practical lifeskills such as translation of bilingual speeches, interpretation skills, translation of local context and terms, and the translation of school materials such as school website and school publication. Students are also placed in simulated situations where they adopt the role of interpreters during a live speech. From such learning experiences, students would understand the practicality of translator and interpretation in various jobs.

Contemporary China Studies
The Contemporary China Studies (CCS) Programme is being introduced at Sec Three Level as a ten-week programme. Students will have one period of (CCS) weekly (55 mins) for a term. China’s ascendance in the world economy is one of the most prominent events in the late 20th and 21st centuries. This began with the introduction of reform and opening-up policies in the late 1970s, which resulted in massive restructuring of the society and economy. These prominent transformations would be the main discussion themes of the programme. Special emphasis is put on the societal changes and impacts. Besides classroom teaching, the programme would be enhanced with International Immersion Programme (IIP) that provides an opportunity for students to travel to various parts of China to augment their bi-cultural perspective. Learning points linked to Contemporary China would be incorporated and accentuated.

Bicultural Studies
Bicultural Studies is implemented for Sec 2 students as a ten-week programme. In alignment with the 21st Century competencies and student outcomes framework, there is a need for greater emphasis in global awareness and cross-cultural skills. The programme seeks to create an engaging environment for them to learn and compare various aspects of the Chinese and Western culture in the literary contexts of Language and Literature. We would be focusing on nuances and aesthetics features of both Chinese and English languages and literary works would be analysed and discussed during the lessons. Students would especially be comparing and contrasting Chinese and English aspects of Literature.




      今年的双文化周在3月31日至4月8日举行,主题是“超越无限,探索未来”。为了配合科幻主题,同时激发同学们阅读的兴趣和创作的潜力,活动采用了游戏化的方式。活动丰富多彩,有微型科幻小说创作比赛、双文化说书人以视频的方式介绍《流浪地球》、剧场工作者兼作家梁海彬先生分享独特的写作历程和写作方法“望、闻、问、切”、诗人兼作家魏俐瑞博士分享科幻小说的特色。 .jpeg












南华全人育才计划 让学生乐学翻译














 5月31日及6月1日,我校45位中一学生参与在线上举办的第八届儒学研习营暨德育工作坊。今年的主题是“ 天行健,君子以自强不息”,主讲嘉宾是新加坡国立大学劳悦强副教授以及台湾鹅湖月刊社刘宣妘老师。两位老师以生动有趣的形式向同学们传达了 “天行健,君子以自强不息” 的道理。











在四月的第二周,南华中学又迎来了一年一度的“双文化周”。尽管受疫情影响,取消了一些活动,但同学们仍兴致勃勃地参与。这次的主题为“爱阅读 I Read”,旨在鼓励学生广泛阅读,以培养阅读兴趣、拓展思维。

为了增进同学们对中英文学名著的认识与理解,我们设置了班级 Kahoot知识竞赛。为了鼓励学生们多阅读,也举办了“交换书本”的活动。同学们阅读完各自交换到的书后都需要完成一个简单的阅读报告。此外,我们也设置了”双文化创意写作比赛,要求学生以“英雄“为主题写作。     


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周会时进行班级 Kahoot竞赛
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学习国画专心致志学篆刻展示作品 "金鱼戏水"






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3 .jpg一起学剑道