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Values In Action (VIA) Programme


The school believes that community involvement allows students to be active contributors as well as concerned citizens in Singapore. VIA is an important component of National Education and holistic development of students for the following reasons:

    • VIA promotes active citizenry by involving students in meaningful community service to school and community.
    • VIA provides an opportunity for moral action and recognition for moral action.

The VIA development approaches centre on 3 aspects, forming the acronym S.O.W.:

          S ervice-Learning methodology to develop the Heads, understanding that a failure to plan is a plan to fail

          O pportunities in serving to develop the Hands, understanding that a gram of action is worth more in weight than a ton of theory

          W idening perspectives to develop the Hearts, by exposing students to social issues faced by the local and global community and hence developing a cause for certain sectors of the community

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With the approaches in place, the school believes that Nan Hua students will develop the following 4 traits of an active contributor and concerned citizen, combining to form the acronym ‘C.A.R.E.’:

          Values- C entric Individuals

    • Students who possess and display the traits of the values of loyalty, filial piety, humanity and love

          A ctive Citizens

    • Students who contribute significantly to the local and global community and continually seek betterment to the welfare of others

          R esourceful Innovators

    • Students who bring about creative and innovative solutions to problems

          E mpathisers

    • Students who understand the problems faced by the less-fortunate, feel the woes and act for them

The VIA structure in Nan Hua High School is developmental, involving the students more and providing them with more autonomy in the planning of their VIA projects as they get more experienced. The nature of the students’ involvement in VIA ranges from service to school and environment, service to elderly community to student-initiated projects, with the choice of beneficiaries depending on the students’ decision and interest.