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Student Leadership

Our Student Leadership Development Programme is guided by the philosophy that every student has the potential to be a leader; thus, leadership development opportunities are made available to the entire student body.

All Nanhuarians are given opportunities to develop their leadership potential, to serve and to effect positive change.

With the emphasis on developing values-centric leaders who bring positive change to the community by serving others through their talents, the key ideas of the Innovation Leadership and Servant Leadership models are adopted in our student leadership training programmes. Student leaders will be imbued with the values, equipped with the skills and filled with passion to use innovative platforms to serve the community and address the needs of the community. The school believes that in every Nanhuarian lies a leader.

Therefore, a Star system ensures that all students are given leadership roles, whether within the class, school or at a community level. To ease students into their positions, the committee has implemented the A.C.E approach in the development of students to better bring out their potential and help equip them to become better leaders.

The A.C.E. approach includes:

A ll Inclusivity
All students are given the opportunities to develop his / her leadership capability

C ustomised Trainings
Customised trainings are put in place to cater to the different developmental needs of diverse groups of student leaders

E xperiential Learning
All student leaders are given the opportunities to lead through the various platforms available within and beyond school 

Outcomes of Student Leaders -- S.M.A.R.T.

  • S ervant Leaders: Followers-first Mindset

  • M ulti-cultural Savvy 21 st Century Leaders

  • A dvocates of Excellence

  • R esourceful Innovative Leaders

  • T alented Leaders in Their Fields

25th Student Council Investiture_A1 (238).JPG
The 25th Student Council

Various leadership roles are made available to students to encourage greater participation in every leader’s own leadership development. Sec 3 students go on adventure camps and participate in student-initiated Values-in-Action (VIA) programme. Students have to propose, plan, organise and execute the community service project as a class.


The school also provides various platforms to ensure that students are better able to meet the requirements of the National Youth Achievement Award (Silver), which serves as the yardstick of one’s self-leadership journey.


Students’ needs in their leadership development are identified twice a year to ensure leadership traini ng is better aligned to the developmental needs of the student leaders. Student leaders are also given the autonomy to select the various leadership modules they need to complement their leadership role in the school. These modules allow student leaders to not just enhance their performance competencies, but also their moral competencies when handling their groups.

CCA Student Leadership Handover Ceremony cum Student Leaders_ Investiture_2017.JPG

CCA Student Leadership Handover Ceremony cum Student Leaders_ Investiture_A3 (158).JPG

Student Leaders' Investiture 2017

Furthermore, lower secondary student leaders are chosen to attend the Student Leadership Training Camp. Outstanding upper secondary student leaders are also invited to attend an Overseas Service-learning Trip. Such trips emphasises the need for our student leaders to serve and improve the lives of those around them.

All student leaders are involved in the Values-based Student Leadership Training Programme. This programme is a customised student-centric programme that caters to the diverse interests and needs of the students. Student leaders are also engaged in student-initiated-Project SERVE (SustainablE and Resourceful Volunteering Effort), where student leaders are given seed funding and training (using the Design Thinking Methodology) from the school to kick-start service-learning projects. To nurture champions of society, Student Leadership Programme equips our students with the knowledge and skills to contribute effectively and responsibly to the society.