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Student Leadership


With the emphasis on developing values-centric leaders who bring positive changes to the community by serving others through their talents, the Student Leadership Committee has adopted the essence of both the Innovation Leadership and Servant Leadership models in the student leadership training programme. This is to ensure that student leaders are equipped with the skills and mindset to use innovative platforms to serve the community and address its needs.

Student Leaders Investiture 2020.jpg

The student leadership development approaches centre on 3 aspects, forming the acronym A.C.E.:

All Inclusivity

All students are given the opportunities to develop his/her leadership capabilities.

Customised Trainings

Trainings that are tailored to the developmental needs of different groups of student leaders are put in place to cater to the developmental needs of different groups of student leaders.

Experiential Learning

All student leaders are given opportunities to lead through the various platforms available within and beyond school.

Student Leaders Commitment.JPG

A variety of leadership roles are made available to students to encourage greater participation in their own leadership development, and to fulfil the goal of every student taking up leadership roles in school. An adventure camp is organised for Secondary 3 students. They are engaged in student-initiated Values-In-Action (VIA) programmes, where they have to propose, plan, organise and execute the VIA as a class. These programmes serve as platforms for them to embark on the National Youth Achievement Award (Silver), which serves as the yardstick of one’s self-leadership journey.

Student leaders are also given the autonomy to select various leadership modules they need to complement their leadership role in school. These modules allow student leaders to not just enhance their performance competencies, but also their moral competencies when leading their respective groups.

Furthermore, budding Lower Secondary student leaders are hand-picked to attend the Secondary 2 Online Leadership Camp. Secondary 3 students are also invited to attend the Online Values-based Leadership Training Programme.

Student Reflections

The value-based leadership training modules have allowed me to broaden my perspectives, especially in presentation, communication, and management. I am very grateful for the opportunities to learn from our teachers and seniors these invaluable skills. These skills are also essential to me as a Cadet Leader in NPCC, and I hope to use them to bring about more positive change in the future.

Lim Heng Wei Harold, 306

Star 5 Student Leader

I personally found the leadership modules to be really helpful and enriching. It is through these opportunities that I get to broaden my interpersonal skills and communication skills. Bettering my people skills will enable me to lead my batchmates and juniors well during CCA. I aspire to be someone who people can look up to and be a role model. After the modules, I was able to integrate them into my daily life. I am grateful to have been given these resources to learn from. Subsequently, I will be able to use these skills to my advantage and help those around me.

Christine Liu Hong Zhi,304

Star 4 Student leader

Global Youth Leaders Summit 2020.PNG

The Global Youth Leader Summit (GYLS) was truly an eye opening experience. Although the conference was held virtually, we were able to enjoy performances and hear from guest speakers how to be a changemaker during times of crisis. One particular phrase which resonated with me the most was "Embrace change and emotions", by special guest speaker Nick Vujicic. Indeed, in uncertain times like this, it is important for us to compose ourselves before lending a helping hand to others. Every small action makes a difference. Through this conference, I was given the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with other leaders and gain valuable insights from changemakers, which inspires me and like-minded youths to do our best to make a difference in times of crisis.

Long Yu Han, 307

sKy Leader

7 Habits of Highly Effective People Module.JPG

The Secondary 2 Leadership Camp was an extremely fulfilling and rewarding experience for me. The camp allowed me to gain a better understanding of leadership. It allowed me to forge deeper bonds with my fellow Councillors and also provided a platform for me to interact with the senior Councillors. Looking back at the experience, I am humbled to have been given the privilege to attend this camp. After the camp, I had a better understanding of the qualities that a leader should possess and how we as Councillors can benefit the school to the best of our abilities. I look forward to continuing to contribute to the school with what I have learnt!

Wong Yi Sheng, 306

Sec2 Leadership Camp Participant

My journey as a junior leader has been quite fruitful. Through these few months, I have learnt many things and crossed paths with many people. During this time, I had a chance to catch a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes work for Teachers’ Day Celebrations. I participated in the process of making gifts for the teachers. Due to the COVID-19 situation, we took turns staying back each day to finish making cord wrappers, checking the quality of our products and wrapping the overall gifts. In those few weeks I worked with my fellow junior leader counterparts and seniors tirelessly to finish the cord wrappers and packing. I also learnt a lot through observing the ICs lead the class-based TDC programme. Overall, I was able to better understand the process of leading and organising a major event.I am very happy to have had the chance of being a Junior Leader where I have the opportunity to learn and constantly improve myself.

Liew Enxi, 105

Junior Leader