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sKy Leaders Programme

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sKy Leaders Programme 

The sKy leaders programme is a talent development programme targeted to stretch the potential of high-achieving students by providing them with opportunities to extend their academic and leadership abilities. The acronym, sKy, stands for Values, Knowledge and Competency, corresponding respectively to the focus of the programmes for our Secondary One, Two and Three sKy Leaders.

This year, in collaboration with the Service Learning Club, the sKy leaders successfully organised the inaugural National Youth Environment Conference (NYEC). The two-day virtual conference involved over 400 students and teachers from all over Singapore. Mr Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, Global Leader of Climate & Energy at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), was our guest of honour.

Sec 4 sKy Leaders ICs for NYEC.JPG

Secondary 4 sKy Leaders IC for NYEC

Organising the inaugural NYEC was a thoroughly fulfilling experience. Not only did I gain awareness about germane issues such as global food insecurity, I also managed to foster bonds with many of my peers through active collaboration and teamwork. My participation in the organisation of NYEC has helped me create unforgettable memories, enriching my school life.”

Tan Shan Jing, 409

During the CnME module, Young Diplomats in Action, the Secondary Three sKy Leaders learnt about world issues and the process of participating in a Model United Nations Conference.

Group photo for UN-Water committee.png

                                            Group photo for UN-Water committee

“I learnt essential skills such as critical thinking while trying to solve the global issues of today. I enjoyed the rich sharing and discussion with the other delegates, and it was rewarding to come up with solutions that would benefit the countries that we represented.”

Choi Hae In, 310

Harvard Innovation Challenge.jpg

Harvard Innovation Challenge

Students also participated in the Harvard Innovation Challenge (HIC) SEA 2020, where they put into action the research and debating skills they had developed from the programme.

"During HIC, my group discussed solutions to alleviate poverty among refugees in Malaysia. I learnt how to take different perspectives of problems, determine the root of the issue and consider the trade-offs for different solutions. The sKy Leaders programme was an enjoyable journey for me. It has definitely broadened my horizons."

Ellen Zhang, 304

The Secondary One sKy Leaders learnt valuable tools to help them in creative problem solving.

“From the workshop, I learned how to identify challenges of a real-world scenario and come up with solutions. As a group we then used a variety of choice ranking tools to select a proposed solution. By analysing the limitations of our proposed solution, we were then able to come up with an outline for our action plan for the project.”

Darius Lay Ye Heng, 102

"SMUN was an invigorating and novel experience. The pace of the Crisis Committee is unparalleled by any other committees, with constant diplomatic lobbying, politicking and constructive debates. I enjoyed the volatility and uncertainty that came with the ever-evolving crisis situation."
Wong Yi Sheng Bryan, 301

We look forward to more enriching and exciting learning experiences for our sKy Leaders in the future!