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Education and Career Guidance

What is Education and Career Guidance (ECG)?

ECG is a developmental process that facilitates the acquisition of attitudes, skills and knowledge to help students better understand themselves, explore viable education and career options, make informed decisions and develop plans to achieve their career aspirations.
In Nan Hua High School, each level will be exposed to areas of Education and Career Guidance (ECG) with different focus for each level.
The overview and objectives of the ECG Programme in NHHS is as follows:

LevelPC/CEP Lessons
Sec 1Who Am I?


(ecareers portal)
Career Families (ecareers portal) Worth Doing Well
Sec 2Drawing ConnectionsCharting Educational Goals (ecareers portal)Your Choice Matters (Subject Combination Talk
by LH) 
Not Just About Me
Sec 3 

Why Career Starts With ‘T’ + Work Skills Inventory

(ecareers portal) 
 Know It, Plan It, Do It
(ecareers portal)
 A Face in the Crowd It’s All in The Presentation (ecareers portal)
Sec 4  Ink It Not Just Think It
(Mock JAE)  
Career Talks 1 Career Talks 2  


At the end of each level, the objectives of ECG @ Nan Hua High School are to:

Sec 1Facilitate education and career development among students through the provision of an online platform for self-discovery, career awareness, exploration and planning.
Sec 2Allow students to understand that the educational landscape is diverse and caters to the needs of different individuals, to understand that the choice of subject combinations will affect their post-secondary education options and know which subjects play to their strengths and interests.
Sec 3Demonstrate awareness of the education and training needed to achieve career goals and to appreciate how their interests, learning styles, knowledge, skills, attitudes and values can mean that different education options may better fit their needs.
Sec 4Provide students with the opportunity to clarify deeper questions and interact more closely with representative from selected educational institutions or professions so as to set clear goals for their own future.

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