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Direct School Admission (DSA) 2020


Nan Hua High School is an Autonomous Special Assistance Plan (SAP) school. Our vision is to be a school of excellence that nurtures world-ready Bicultural Scholars who embrace tradition and are champions of society. Our mission is to nurture confident, creative and cultured students with a passion for learning.


In the 2020 Direct School Admission (DSA) Exercise, Nan Hua High School will be admitting students who possess special talents in one of the following:

Category 1: CCA Talent

  • Performing Arts
    • Chinese Orchestra
    • Choir
    • Dance
    • Guzheng
    • Symphonic Band
    • English Drama
    • Chinese Drama  
  • Visual Arts - Chinese Calligraphy
  • Sports
    • Athletics – boys & girls
    • Badminton – boys & girls
    • Basketball – boys
    • Netball - girls
    • Softball – girls
    • Table-Tennis – boys & girls

Category 2: Leadership

  • Leadership (Uniformed Groups)
  • Leadership (Others)

  • Category 3: Academic

  • Language - Chinese

  • Selection Criteria

    By Category 1: CCA Talent

    1.    Strengths and outstanding achievements in any one of the CCA listed in the overview above.

    2.    Ability to play the relevant musical instrument for Music-related CCAs. Ability to only play the piano, guitar or violin is not sufficient.

    3.    Attained certification at Music or Dance examination/s from ABRSM, RAD, Trinity College, NAFA, NUS Centre for the Arts, etc where applicable.

    4.    Attained at least Band 2 (70%) in at least 3 subjects in the Primary 6 Mid-Year School Examination AND offer Chinese Language. Higher Chinese is preferred.

    5. Be selected through an e-interview.

    By Category 2: Leadership

    1.      Demonstrate exemplary character and leadership qualities. 

    2.    (For Leadership - Uniformed Groups) Hold key leadership positions in Uniformed Groups (e.g. Chairperson, Patrol Leader, Squad Commander) at primary school. The Uniformed Group CCAs to select from are (i) Boys' Brigade, (ii) Girl Guides, (iii) National Cadet Corps, (iv) National Police Cadet Corps, and (v) St John Brigade.

    3.    (For Leadership - Others) Hold key school-wide leadership positions in Prefectorial Board/Student Council (e.g. Head or Deputy Head Prefect or its equivalent) and/or significant student organisations in primary school. 

    4.    Demonstrate strong and consistent academic results (attained at least 75% for all subjects including Higher Chinese for P6 Mid-Year Examination Results).  

    5.    Be selected through an e-interview.

    By Category 3: Language – Chinese

    1.    Demonstrate strong and consistent academic results (attained at least 85% for Chinese, 80% for Higher Chinese and 75% for all other subjects Results for P6 Mid-Year Examination Results).  

    2.    Be able to commit to taking Higher Chinese if successfully admitted through DSA (Language – Chinese) to our school, as well as taking Literature in Chinese upon reaching Upper Secondary (Sec 3 – Sec 4).

    3.    Be selected through an e-interview.

    Application Process

    Please refer to the MOE Website DSA page for further details on the application process for 2020. Webpage link: