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CnME Programme

CnME 全能育才课程

Background of CnME

Established in 2012, CnME (pronounced as see-and-me) is a holistic life-skills development programme for all Secondary One to Secondary Three Nanhuarians. The ‘C’ refers to our school mission: Confident, Cultured and Creative. The ‘n’ refers to our school niche areas in Environment Education, Performing Arts and SAP. The ‘ME’ refers to the Nanhuarian developing his/her competencies in MOE 21st Century Competencies, Leadership skills and ICT skills.

CnME starts with Oral Communications programmes in Secondary One, and culminates in the Secondary Three CnME Modules. CnME aims to inculcate important life-skills in Nanhuarians through the context of our school niche areas to develop their confidence, cultural appreciation and creativity.

Secondary 1
Secondary 2
Secondary 3
Oral Communication
Bicultural Studies
CnME Modules
Contemporary China Studies

Secondary Three CnME Modules

The skills acquired from the CnME lower secondary years provide the foundation for the Secondary Three students to select a module based on their interests. The CnME Modules provide opportunities for students to extend their learning beyond the scope of the academic curriculum and further hone and develop life skills

CnME-Fiesta---A-Blast-from-the-Past.jpg CnME-Fiesta---TCM.jpg
 A Blast from the Past
 Traditional Chinese Medicine
Young Diplomats in Action
A Box Full of Beats