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Performing Arts

Performing Arts is one of the niche areas of Nan Hua High School. There are eight CCAs including Chinese Drama Society, English Drama and Debating Club, Chinese Orchestra, Choir, Dance Society, Guzheng Ensemble, Harp Ensemble and Symphonic Band in the school Performing Arts Group.


The Nan Hua Performing Arts Group is well recognized locally for its outstanding achievement and many organizations have invited the various CCAs in the group to perform during important events. For example, the Dance Society has the honour to be involved in many of the National Day Parade and Chingay performances as well as other prestigious events like Asian Youth Games Opening Ceremony, ASEAN Para Games Closing Ceremony and Youth Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. Similarly, our Nan Hua Choir and Symphonic Band were invited to perform for the Limelight concert series at the Esplanade Concert Hall to showcase our students’ musical abilities. Our school’s Symphonic Band has also been invited to perform at the Istana Open House.

The Performing Arts Group has a high profile in the school too with its full involvement in the various school functions and celebrations. In every school event, one or more Performing Arts CCAs will be featured to perform for the general school population. This provides opportunity for the Performing Arts students to hone their skills while adding colours to the vibrant arts scene in the school. The various CCAs also stage public or in-house performances or concerts throughout the year. Apart from the individual performances, all the Performing Arts CCAs also combine their efforts to showcase their talents in an annual public concert - Cultural Potpourri.

Essentially, the school strives to bring out the best in the students in terms of their performing arts talent as well as their leadership qualities and organising skills through their involvement in the various events when they are being exposed to different roles as they progress through the stages of their learning in the CCAs each year.

To help the students obtain accreditations for their progress made during training, the school makes arrangement for interested students to sit for public practical examinations with examination boards like ABRSM, NAFA Central Conservatory of Music and Beijing Dance Academy for their areas of study for Performing Arts. The students often attain good grades in the examinations and it clearly indicates the effectiveness of the training programme that they have been through in their CCAs.

As a testament to the commitment of the students and the school in achieving excellence in the Performing Arts, the various CCAs have been attaining outstanding results in competitions. For the past three years, all our Performing Arts CCA groups have achieved ‘Certification of Distinction’ in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation. These accomplishments would not have been easy without the dedications of the staff and students.

With the robust training programme and vast opportunities for performance and showcasing of talents, every student from the Performing Arts Group will certainly develop his/her skills and talents as well as leadership and organizing abilities to become a confident, creative and cultured student with a passion for learning.