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Performing Arts

Performing Arts is one of the niche areas of Nan Hua High School. There are eight CCAs
including Chinese Drama Society, English Drama and Debating Club, Chinese Orchestra, Choir, Dance Society, Guzheng Ensemble, Harp Ensemble and Symphonic Band in the school Performing Arts Group.


The school provides many opportunities for the Performing Arts students to hone their skills, adding colours to the vibrant arts scene in the school throughout the year. Apart from the individual performances, all Performing Arts CCAs also worked tirelessly together to showcase their talents in our annual public concert, Cultural Potpourri.

On 28 April this year, Nan Hua's Aesthetics CCA groups came together to put up the Cultural Potpourri Concert at the NUS University Cultural Centre. Themed "Ripples in Time", the Performing Arts CCA groups took their captivated audience on a journey of music, dance and drama through the ages. While the Dance Society treated the audiences to the playfully experimental piece 《上菜了!, the Chinese Drama Society reflected deeply on students' true dreams, and the English Drama and Debating Club recreated heart-rending stories of 9/11. The Chinese Orchestra amazed listeners with a virtuoso set of sweeping songs, and the Symphonic Band enlivened with both ensemble and full band pieces. The Choir, Guzheng Ensemble and Harp Ensemble similarly enchanted the crowd with their well-coordinated and emotive numbers. Students from Visual Arts CCA groups also graciously supported the event. After an evening savouring the arts, we all look forward to the next edition of Cultural Potpourri!

As a testament to the commitment of the students and the school in the pursuit of excellence, the various CCAs have been attaining outstanding results in SYF-AP. These accomplishments would not have been possible without the dedications of the staff and students.


Reflections by students

2019 Cultural Potpourri concert was an enriching experience as I witnessed for myself the SYF pieces performed by the various CCA groups. This concert was also an opportunity to help the choir get back on our feet again after our SYF as it gave us a common goal to work towards. I believe that after the Cultural Potpourri concert we have improved by leaps and bounds.
Sec 3 Student, 307

It took us a lot of effort to prepare for this year’s Cultural Potpourri Concert. During our practice sessions, we faced many challenges such as not being about to keep up with the tempo or unable to perform the piece together and a lack of dynamic. We overcame the challenges through the guidance and patience of our instructor, as well as the resilience and cooperation of our performers. If not for the hard work, Culture Potpourri would not have been a success for us.
Sec 3 Student, 307

This year’s Cultural Potpourri concert was a tiring yet fulfilling experience for us. We learnt to work together as a whole orchestra, and it taught us to put in our best. In between rehearsals and preparation for the performance, we bonded as an orchestra, and in the end we managed to perform well which made us really proud and happy. It was also a special occasion as it was our first time stepping up as leaders in the new committee to lead the entire orchestra. It was definitely a day to remember!
Sec 3 Student, 307