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Student Development

The Student Development Committee aims to nurture active and thriving students who are grounded in values. 

Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) programmes are in place to develop students in both their moral and performance character. Through a Value-Of-The-Month Programme, students learn about the school's 8 moral values and apply them through experiential learning opportunities such as in their Values-In-Action (VIA) projects. 

A cornerstone of our CCE programmes is to foster a strong sense of belonging at class, school and community level by building positive relationships with others. Teacher-Interaction with Pupils Sessions (TIPS) are also held weekly during which Form Teachers (FTs) meet individual students to get to know them better, monitor their well-being and progress. On top of that, Class Connect Time held every Tuesday morning enables FTs to bond with students and through a Class Meeting structure, foster class spirit and togetherness.

In line with our CCE belief ‘Every Teacher a CCE Teacher First’, professional development opportunities, such as the annual STAR Seminar, are provided to engage our teachers in discussions about CCE issues and equip them with skills and strategies to be an effective CCE teacher. 

image005.jpgThe school also has an Education and Career Guidance (ECG) curriculum to help students make informed ECG decisions. The lower secondary ECG curriculum aims to help students focus on self-awareness and career/subject exploration while an upper secondary curriculum emphasises on setting up work shadowing opportunities for students to obtain hands-on experiences in specific job and interview skills.