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Science Department

Our Science Department’s commitment to our vision to nurture Life-long Learners with A Passion for Science is espoused by the many in-house programs and events organised by our team of passionate teachers. Drawing on our collective experience and expertise, we have continually improved our events based on our professional training to attain maximal affective learning for our students.

This year, our students have done us proud by raking in awards across all three science disciplines and have shown us the positive outcomes that passion can bring about. Particularly, we were thrilled to qualify for the semi-finals of the prestigious televised National Science Challenge for the first time ever. We hope that this achievement will encourage the sense of boundless curiosity to attain greater milestones in the future.

Learning Experiences

Math & Science Week 2019

The theme for this year’s Math & Science Week was “Ignite, Inspire and Illuminate”. A variety of activities were conducted to ignite students’ passion towards learning Science. The week started with an exciting game show during assembly, where both the student game participants and audience were actively engaged in solving a series of Mathematics and Science questions of varying difficulty levels

During the week, students had the opportunity to participate in different workshops and programmes to deepen their understanding of varying Mathematics and Science concepts and realise how both subjects were very much related to their everyday life. 

Maths and Sci week photo 2.JPG

Maths and Science Week 2019


“Math and Science Week was indeed a wonderful and fulfilling experience for everyone as we learn while engaging in the fun activities. It was interesting to try out the different experiments that were set up at the foyer, and was enjoyable to watch the paper aeroplane challenge during morning assembly.”

- Student from class 310

“During the Math and Science Week, there were many booths manned by students. One particular booth which I found really interesting was the demonstration of making slime, and we could actually make our own slime. I learnt the scientific concepts behind slime making and realised I could do my own slime at home instead of purchasing it commercially.”

- Student from class 202

Secondary 1 and Secondary 3 Life Science Programme

Food Science was the theme for this year’s Lower Secondary Life Science Workshop. Our Secondary One students had the chance to investigate and taste the science and chemistry behind food preparation techniques such as caramelization and Maillard reaction. By opening their eyes to the science behind their everyday meals, our students were treated to the results of their experiments and were both engaged and entertained by the experiments they were able to carry out in the labs.

The Sec 3 Life Science workshop focused on sparking students’ joy in learning Biology by providing them with the opportunity to produce fluorescent bacteria by carrying out the genetic transformation experiment. Through this experiment, students developed useful laboratory skills and understood how antibiotics are used to screen for genetically transformed bacteria. 

Sec 1 Life Science Picture.jpeg

Sec 1 Life Science Programme

Sec 3 Life Science Picture.jpg

Sec 3 Life Science Programme


The Sec 1 Life Science Workshop was really fun and enjoyable! It taught us a lot of interesting facts that I never knew before.”

- Student from class 109

The Sec 3 Life Science Programme is a very interesting as I got to learn about how to make glow in the dark bacteria which was not taught in normal Biology lessons. I got to experience gene mutation first hand and it was an eye opening experience. The instructors did a good job in giving clear instructions on how to use the different equipment. The instructors were very helpful as well, which made the lessons engaging and enriching. This programme was really fun and I hope to be able to participate in more of these activities.”

- Student from class 310

Science Enrichment results

  • National Science Challenge 2019
    • Semi-finalist
  • International Biomedical Quiz 2019
    • 2 Golds, 2 Bronze
  • C.B. Paul Memorial Science Quiz
    • 1 Gold, 2 Silvers and 2 Bronze
  • Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad (SJBO)
    • 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 4 Bronze
  • Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad (SJPO)
    • 2 Silvers and 4 Bronze
  • Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad (SJChO)
    • 2 Silvers, 1 Bronze

National Science Challenge.jpg

National Science Challenge Participants

This year, our school made an exciting breakthrough in the National Science Challenge (NSC) by qualifying for the semifinals. In the televised semifinal round, we were up against the likes of HCI, RGS and CHIJ (St. Nicholas). Though we did not qualify for the finals, coming this far was already a big achievement for us. 


“I learnt how to work better in a team and how to listen to my group mates instead of pushing ahead with my own ideas as they may not be the most accurate or best answer. I also gained a lot from this competition as I got to experience things I would not otherwise have, for example, the ‘iFly Experience’. I also made a few friends with people from other schools. Overall, it was a very interesting and fun experience.” 

- Student from class 303

Biomedical Quiz picture.jpg

International Biomedical Quiz Participants

Student reflection on Biomedical Quiz. 

One of the medalists, Jia Le (gold medallist) mentioned, “I’m very interested to go for competitions like this to expand my horizon and explore my interest in biology. It really helped me to learn more interesting things about biology that I cannot learn from textbooks.

ACJC Science Quiz picture.JPG

C.B. Paul Memorial Science Quiz Participants

“The C.B. Paul Science Quiz was such a great eye-opening opportunity for us to be exposed to more science topics. We were inspired by them and realize that there was so much more that we could learn about sciences so we would never be complacent and keep on improving ourselves. All of us agreed that it was not the competition that mattered, but rather the comradeship that we demonstrated which was the most important. I would also like to thank all my teachers for their help.”

- Student from class 403

Bio Olympiad picture.jpg

Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad Participants

Physics Olympiad.jpg
Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad Participants


“It was very enriching and educational. I gained a lot of knowledge and experience from this rare opportunity. I will definitely join again next year"

- Student from class 303

“The Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad (SJPO) has encouraged me to learn beyond what is taught in secondary school and has sparked a joy in my learning. As I explored the new Physics concepts, I realised how much I have yet to learn. The Olympiad was a peek into what lies ahead of secondary school and made me more excited about what is yet to come. At the same time, it also deepened my understanding of many Physics concepts taught in school.”

- Student from class 405

“SJChO provided with me a great opportunity to learn more advanced topics in Chemistry. When I was preparing for the competition, I was exposed to a variety of new concepts which fascinated me. In the second round of the competition, I was fortunate to enter a University laboratory to explore and use more complicated experimental apparatus that were not found in our school laboratories."

- Student from class 401