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Science Department

Our Science Department’s commitment to our vision to nurture Life-long Learners with A Passion for Science are espoused by the many in-house programs and events organised by our team of passionate teachers. Drawing on our collective experience and expertise, we have continually improved our events based on our professional training to attain maximal affective learning for our students.

This year, our students have done us proud by raking in awards across all three science disciplines and have shown us the positive outcomes that passion ignited can bring about. We hope that this urge to push the limits and sense of boundless curiosity will be hallmarks of their journey with us and in the future.

Learning Experiences

Math & Science Week 2018

With the theme “SPARK: Igniting Passion, Discovering Joy”, Math & Science Week 2018 strives to ignite students’ interest towards Science through a range of engaging activities. Throughout the week, students were given the opportunity to deepen their understanding of concepts and explore more about Science in their daily lives. Apart from a carnival with mind-stimulating booths during recess and lunch breaks, our various signature level-wide programmes such as the PET Rocket Workshop, Paper Aeroplane Competition, Life Science Workshops and Science Amazing Race enabled students to deepen their scientific knowledge and understanding.

Math and Science Week 1 - Launching of PET Rocket!.JPGMath and Science Week 2 - The Science of Balancing.JPGMath and Science Week 3 - Student answering a question during assembly.JPG

Student’s Reflections:

“Math & Science Week allowed us to learn more about the Science concepts that explain things that happen around us in an interesting way. For example, the PET Rocket workshop allowed me to understand the concept of pressure in a different manner. I am looking forward to participating in the activities next year!”

- Lim Rong Xiang (102) student participant

“The booths at the carnival required us to set up the experiments ourselves. This hands-on experience allowed us to be able to understand the concepts better. I had fun making my own slime and realised how easy it is to make slime just by mixing glue and borax together.”

- Jeremiah Teo Yue Rui (102) student participant

Secondary 1 and Secondary 3 Life Science Programme

In the Sec1 Life Science workshop, students were engaged in learning how to use the light microscope to observe and draw different animal and plant cell types. Through the ABO blood typing activity, they also learned how to conduct experiments, collect and interpret experimental data. These activities have helped them to make meaningful connections between their textbook content knowledge and real-world applications.

In an attempt to provide wider exposure and enrichment to students in the area of genetic engineering and biological research, the Secondary 3 Life Science workshop provided students with the rare opportunity to experience real-time genetic modification of E-coli bacteria and antibiotic cell screening under a light microscope.

The three-session workshop introduced to students the fundamental concept behind genetic engineering, which is aligned with the secondary three molecular genetics syllabus.

Life Science Program - Sec 1 Life Science Workshop - Blood Typing is so exciting!.jpg

Life Science Program - Sec 3 Life Science Workshop - Showing off the results of their experiment.jpg

Student’s Reflections:

“I was very excited to have a Biology Practical Lesson in the laboratory! I find it very interesting to learn how to use the light microscope and draw different cell types. I also enjoyed the hands-on experience of conducting an experiment to learn about the different blood types. I would very much like to have more of these practical lessons in the future!” – Sarah Tan (101) Student participant

 “The program was attention-grabbing and useful for bringing the concept of Genetic Engineering out of textbooks. The hands-on experiences have helped me to better understand the procedures involved (in genetic engineering), and with the clear, easy-to-understand explanations given by the instructors, I can better appreciate the principles behind (genetic engineering).” – Fan Bohan (303) Biology Representative

Science Enrichment

·       International Biomedical Quiz 2018

2 Silver, 3 Bronze

·       C.B. Paul Memorial Science Quiz

3 Golds, 5 Silvers and 3 Bronze

·       Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad (SJBO)

           3 Silvers and 4 Bronze

·       Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad (SJPO)

           2 Silvers and 4 Bronze

·       Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad (SJChO)

2 Bronze

International Biomedical Quiz 2018 - Our Proud Award Winners.jpg

“I’m very interested to go for competitions like this. It really helped me to learn more interesting things about biology that I cannot learn from textbooks. I really want to learn more about the interesting topics out of O level to expand my horizon and pursue my dreams in medicine in the future.”

– Ren Jiyuan (405) Silver Medallist

ACJC Science Quiz - Our Gold, Silver and Bronze Medalists.JPG

“The C.B. Paul Science Quiz was a challenging but meaningful experience for me. Before the quiz, I revised all the chapters for science subjects of O-level syllabus and did some extended reading about A-level knowledge and newest science discoveries. There were a lot of questions which required candidates to think out of the box and required quite a while to get the answer. I was really happy when I knew I won the silver medal and I want to thank my teachers for their kind support.”

– Cui Kaiwen (405) Silver Medalist

Singapore Junior Biomedical Olympiad 2018 - Our Proud Medallists.jpg

“Through this experience, I am exposed to a whole new level of understanding of Biology. It gave me a glimpse of studying Biology beyond O Levels and spark my interest for studying Biology in the future.”

- Evelyn Ang Jia Yi  (411) Bronze Medallist

Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad - Our Proud Award Winners.jpg

“Through the experience of participating in SJPO, I was able to improve my critical thinking and problem-solving skills by discovering several topics in the A-Level Physics syllabus. As I was trying to understand and explore the new concepts, I developed a greater interest in learning Physics. This competition has inspired and encouraged me to further my study with a passion for Physics.”

- Wang Yihui (405) Bronze Medalist{Insert Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad (SJChO)}

Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad - Our Proud Award Winners.jpg

“SJChO provided a great opportunity for me to strengthen my analytical, reasoning and creativity skills by exposing me to Chemistry concepts that are at a higher level. I began appreciating the beauty of Chemistry through the process of discovering new knowledge. The practical round was an even more enriching experience as I had the chance to conduct amazing experiments by applying the Chemistry knowledge I have learnt. This competition has instilled a greater interest and love for Chemistry in me.”

- Wang Yihui(405) Bronze Medalist