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Physical Education

    The PE department aims to create a rigorous programme that develops students’ physical competence and knowledge of movement and safety, as well as the ability to perform in a wide range of activities. Through meaningful engagements, students can then acquire the right attitudes and values to pursue physically active and healthy lifestyles.

    In 2020, the department embarked on an exploration of ICT tools and pedagogies to bring PE lessons to students as they transitioned to Home Based Learning (HBL) due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The challenge was to engage them even with the lack of resources and face-to-face opportunities for guidance. With the introduction of the PE HBL Calendar, students were given a variety of activities to accomplish daily. Some of the tasks that can be found in the calendar are yoga pose challenges, mini workouts, mindful exercises and reflections. With the variety of activities, students have the resources to be mindful of their personal well-being (physically and mentally), at the same time maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Students engaging in modified game with safe distancing observed.JPG

Students engaging in modified game with safe distancing observed

    "I feel that the PE calendar is a fun way to do different activities so that I would not be bored at home and I can be active. The workout app (Home Workout) is interesting and easy to use too.”

Celine Tan, 408

    As PE lessons veered more towards acquiring theoretical knowledge, students were made to process their thoughts and express them using pen and paper. By drawing alignment between these theory lessons and the practical sessions, students now not only know “what to do” and “how to do”, but they also know “why they must do”. Even students who could not participate in physical lessons due to injury could be engaged in a theory lesson like this and it gives them a sense of belonging and success.

    To encourage students to take ownership of their own physical health, students were tasked to create workouts and teach them to their peers. Modifying games was also part of the curriculum so that they can learn to be self-sufficient and be life-long learners. These lessons provided a platform for students to be creative and flexible in working with the constraints.

An Excycling Journey.jpeg

An Excycling Journey

    Through the CnME modules offered by the department - ‘An Excycling Journey’ and ‘Eat, Play, Learn’ – students were able to explore their areas of interest that is beyond the PE curriculum. These programmes provided a platform for students not only to be further convinced of the benefits of engaging in physical activities, but also to build 21st century competencies such as love of learning, effective communication and collaboration.

Workstation workout led by PE department through Zoom.JPG

Workstation workout led by PE department through Zoom

    Promoting health at the workplace has been part of the department’s undertaking. The monthly SWEAT It Out! session saw staff members engaged in physical activities such as Tabata workouts, racquet games, and workstation workouts. By introducing the various physical activities, we hope to spur them to find every opportunity to move and stay active.

    Despite the disruptions caused by the pandemic, which presented new and unforeseen challenges related to programme delivery, the PE department was flexible to adapt to the changes, continuing to work together towards developing self-directed and independent learners. Online applications and platforms became a growing presence in PE lessons, and were leveraged on to replace mass sporting events. 

Safe Management Measures during PE lessons.jpg

Safety Management Measures during PE lessons 

    The most prominent example of this was in the traditional Annual Road Run, where all school staff and students used to take part in a physical race. Instead of this, a Virtual Run was held instead. In addition, the Healthy Habits 2021 programme was implemented with the intention of cultivating life-long habits among students and staff to stay active and healthy. 

Students working up a sweat during chair workouts in class.jpg

                           Students working up a sweat during chair workouts in class

    Termly challenges and holiday activities kept staff and students engaged in physical pursuits. With these strategies, we hope that staff and students will continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle in spite of the limitations imposed by the pandemic.

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The winning department of #NHDiscovers!