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Physical Education

PE Programme in NHHS

The PE department aims to create a rigorous programme that develops students’ physical competence and knowledge of movement and safety, as well as the ability to perform in a wide range of activities. These components will definitely contribute to the development of an active and healthy lifestyle. Besides developing students’ confidence, PE lessons can also be a platform to cultivate the skills of collaboration and communication, and together with positive values and attitudes provide a good foundation for students’ lifelong learning.

“I enjoyed my 7 weeks of kayaking lessons as it was something new to me. We faced a lot of challenges but eventually overcame them as a group. My favourite part was the capsize drill as we get to go into the water to chill from the hot sun, but I know that it is an important procedure in case of an emergency. Even though it was exhausting, I look forward to kayaking again soon.”

          (Chen Yan Rui, 108)

Annual Road Run

This year’s Annual Road Run was held at a fresh location in the west of Singapore. A new location meant a novel experience for all staff and students, who were given the chance to compete amongst their peers and gun for top honours as they ran along the Jurong Park Connector, and past the calm and scenic Jurong Lake. There was also a concurrent Citizenship Education Race which saw each class being represented by a group of selected students, racing against other teams and testing their knowledge about our island’s development. As the race itself is not too difficult to manage since the students were trained prior to the event, the students took the opportunity to pitch their endurance against the others in their cohort.

“The Annual Road Run promotes active lifestyle and gives me an opportunity to forge stronger ties with my peers. By running such a distance, I learnt how to persevere and endure hardships. It is truly an enjoyable and memorable event.”

          (Ong Minn Shuen, 201)

Sports Carnival

A day of fun and laughter for students to engage in physical activities according to level – Secondary 1 Swimming Carnival, Secondary 2 Inter-Class Floorball Competition, Secondary 3 Inter-Class Frisbee Competition and Secondary 4 In-line Skating and Carnival games.

8. Inline skates, check. Protective gear, check. Smiles, check!.JPGInline skates, check. Protective gear, check. Smiles, check!
9. Going for the ball during the Secondary 1 modified water polo game.JPGGoing for the ball during the Secondary 1 modified water polo game
10. Floorball face-off.JPGFloorball face-off
11. Having a splash during the Sports Carnival water soccer match.JPGHaving a splash during the Sports Carnival water soccer match

“Through the Frisbee Inter-Class Competition, I was able to learn more about teamwork, cooperation and sportsmanship. I understand that every team member is important, having to communicate and cooperate with each other during the game. Even though our class did not emerge as champions, I believe that this experience forged many memorable memories and allowed us to forge even stronger bonds than ever before, especially since our Form Teacher participated in the game as well.

(Jowena Pang Zhi Ning, 303)

“We were able to participate in inline skating, human foosball and other water sports which were all very fun and exciting, as some of these sports were completely new to us! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves during the human foosball competition, allowing our competitive streak to shine as we battled our way to the top. Although we did not end up winning, it was still a memorable experience, where my classmates and I got to bond and enjoy ourselves amidst our hectic studying schedule.”

(Heng Ruo Wei, 408)


A new name given to the previously known LeAPS Health and Fitness, we felt that this could be a chance to make a change to enhance the healthy living culture through exercise among staff. Working towards maximising fitness and preventing injuries, a series of physical activities were introduced according to the basic categories, as most people tend to focus on one type of activity or exercise and lose out on the benefits of the others. From flexibility to agility exercises, the planning process brought the team through a journey of exploration and research to deliver age-and fitness-appropriate workouts.   

13. Colleagues working on agility exercises.JPGColleagues working on agility exercises
12. Stretching - a therapeutic way to relax.JPGStretching - a therapeutic way to relax