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ICT and Cyber Wellness

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Department

Since our students are digital natives, a key approach to engage them is through the use of technology-enabled learning. Hence, the ICT Department focused on leveraging the Student Learning Space (SLS) as well as the built-in Pedagogical Scaffold to guide teachers to create active and meaningful learning experiences

Infograph by Cyber Wellness Champions -2.jpgInfograph by Cyber Wellness Champions -3.jpg
Info-graph posters by Cyber Wellness Champions

In addition, the school partnered with Touch Cyber Wellness and Kingmaker to look into the online well-being of students through assembly talks and student advocacy training. The training equipped our Cyber Wellness Champions with project planning skills and media literacy to design interactive activities during Wellness Week. These Cyber Wellness Champions collaborated with students from the CareForce to reach out to the community. Together, they distributed goodie bags at Jurong East to promote awareness about spreading kindness online. They also reached out to the elderly at Lions Befrienders (Casa Clementi) by organising workshops to promote awareness about cyber security. 

Teaching elderly about HealthHub app and cyber security.jpg
Teaching elderly about HealthHub app and cyber security

VIA at LionBefriender Casa Clementi.jpg
VIA at Lion Befrienders Casa Clementi

Wellness Week - Spread the Message Project.JPG
Wellness Week - Spread the Message Project