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ICT and Cyber Wellness

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Department

At Nan Hua High School, we aspire to nurture confident, creative and cultured students with a passion for learning. This year, we continued to hone our teaching practices such that learning remained effective and engaging regardless of where it took place.

One of the key approaches was through the organisation of in-house professional development workshops to raise the competencies of our teachers in several areas – to adopt the Gradual Release of Responsibility framework to guide students to take greater ownership of their own learning in structured, scaffolded ways and to leverage technology to enhance teaching and learning through the use of iPads and various ICT tools. This was opportune with the implementation of Blended Learning and the Personalised Digital Learning Programme. 

In order to better prepare our students for digital learning and create a positive cyber culture in the school, our Cyber Wellness Champions were equipped with technical know-how and leadership competencies to be effective peer supporters. They have been instrumental in helping all students adapt to this new way of learning by providing technical assistance and emotional support.

ICT LeAPS Training

iPad Workshop for teachers conducted by Apple Inc.JPG
Teachers exploring the use of iPad in Teaching and Learning.jpeg
Peer training workshops for Cyber Wellness Champions and Care Champions.jpg
Peer Training workshops for Cyber Wellness Champions

Students sharing their WhatsApp stickers on Cyber Wellness.jpg
Students sharing their WhatsApp stickers 

Excited students on iPad Unboxing Day.jpg

Excited students on iPad Unboxing Day