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ICT and Cyber Wellness

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Department

This year, the ICT department continues to spearhead initiatives and programmes to develop our teachers into competent designers of active and deep learning. Building on the fundamental understanding of active learning processes, teachers are equipped with the competency to harness the use of ICT tools such as like Google App and padlets to promote students’ thinking and discussions. ICT mentors continued to play an active role in guiding teachers to refine their lesson packages for e-learning using the 5 Dimensions of Meaningful Learning model. Teachers were also engaged in conversations during LeAPS to reflect on their teaching practices and discuss how they could use technology more effectively to facilitate active and deep learning.

Students on Tech Discovery Journey at iExperience

In addition to ensuring that every student is able to meet the Baseline ICT standards and use technology meaningfully for learning, the department continues to improve on the quality of our CnME (ICT Lifeskills) module for Secondary One students and elective CnME modules for Secondary Three students. The Java Code Combat module was aimed to broaden students’ exposure in coding and computational thinking while the Digital Journalism module was aimed to equip students with the ability to use technology to translate complex social issues into impactful social documentaries. The department has also worked with the IMDA Lab on Wheels to deepen experiential learning for our students by providing insights on the latest technological innovations such as virtual reality and drone flying.

IMDA Drone Workshop

In this year’s school centennial, the department played a pivotal role in harnessing technology in the publicity of our celebratory events. Customised e-flyers were effectively used to reach out to a greater audience through the social media to publicise our events like the Centennial Road Run and Nan Hua Yuan. Each and every member of the department and committee contributed their expertise to produce a series of multimedia productions in the commemoration of the events. For instance, upon entering the school premises, staff, students and visitors would be greeted by a creative photo collage created by the department in showcasing the events leading up to the Centennial Dinner. The vibrant photos taken at each event formed the figure of 100, which is symbolic of our 100 impactful years in education. In addition, the Centennial Video and Heritage Montage which were conceptualised through the collaboration between the planning committee and alumni also received numerous commendations. During the video production, drones were employed to provide an immersive first-person views of the performances at Nan Hua Yuan and an aerial view, showing the grandeurs of the Centennial Formation. The ICT team, together with the students from the Infocomm Club also provided dedicated audio-visual support throughout all events leading up to the Centennial Dinner, including the OPUS performances at the Marina Bay Sands convention centre.

Centennial Formation

In the area of cyberwellness, the department developed a series of comprehensive programmes which are guided by the MOE’s cyber wellness framework. The programmes are designed to creating awareness and promote advocacy of values in the cyber space. Students also played as active role as cyber wellness champions.

The cyber wellness curriculum is integrated into the Citizenship and Character Education (CCE) curriculum to equip students with life-long social-emotional competencies and sound values so that they can become safe, respectful and responsible users of ICT. These lessons were customised and revised through regular sharing at level meetings by the ICT mentors to ensure relevance to students. Key cyber wellness topics and current issues were also discussed every semester during Nan Hua Speaks and Good Morning Nan Hua to keep the students abreast of the latest cyber issues and remind them to take responsibility of their own wellbeing in the cyber space.

Cyber_Wellness Week_Recess_Carnival.jpg
Cyber Wellness Week Recess Carnival

The continued collaboration with external partners like Touch Cyber Wellness and SOOS OIO LLP through assembly talks also helped to complement the school’s cyber wellness curriculum. The school also recognises the importance of parents’ role in shaping the students’ online behaviours and habits and we constantly engages parents through talks and sharing of tips and resources on the Parents’ Portal.

This year, the department has revised the class committee structure to provide greater recognition of the cyber wellness champions in their effort to advocate positive cyber culture within the class. They were empowered through communication and advocacy training to conduct sharing during Class Connect and plan enriching activities. A carnival with interactive games was also planned and implemented during the Cyber Wellness Week to promote healthy social lifestyle and share tips on how to deal cyber bullying. The champions also attended the Cyber Wellness Student Ambassador Summit to celebrate their advocacy efforts.

ICT Team at Centennial Dinner