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The Humanities department’s vision is to develop world-ready global citizens with a love for the Humanities. With this in mind, the department organised a variety of exciting programmes and activities to engage students and to ensure that their learning is holistic.

Learning about the lesser known parts about Singapore_s History through the learning journey to Mount Faber and Sentosa.JPG
Putting our weather instrument to the test.JPG
Learning about the lesser known parts about Singapore's History through the learning journey to Mount Faber and SentosaPutting our weather instrument to the test
   RICH Fest – Realising Innovation & Creativity in the Humanities 2019

The aim of the RICH Fest is to provide an innovative & creative platform for Secondary 2 students to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of History and Geography. During the RICH Fest, students engaged in interactive activities to ignite their passion and to test their knowledge of the humanities. The students built volcanoes and various weather instruments and immersed themselves in simulated historical investigation sites where they uncovered mysteries by studying various artifacts in the sites.

Analysing the clues.JPG
Analysing the clues
Volcano Eruption.JPG
Volcano eruption!

 "I feel that the RICH Fest was a fruitful experience for all Secondary 2 students as it sparked our interest in the Humanities. The activities were interesting. The gas chamber left the deepest impression. Through the various activities, I learnt more about the history of other countries and the mechanism of a wind gauge. I also learnt that teamwork is very important. In conclusion, this program benefitted us in many ways, be it in helping us understand to the concepts, building our social skills or developing our interest in the Humanities.” (Sec 2 student from class 204)

Team Nan Hua and student helpers.JPG
 Team Nan Hua and student helpers

Time Capsule Challenge 2019

On 25 July 2019, the Humanities and English departments organised our 4th installment of the Time Capsule Challenge, a national Humanities and Current Affairs competition that aims to enrich students’ understanding of current affairs and issues related to the Humanities through creative application of their knowledge. A total of 16 teams from all over Singapore participated. After several rounds of intense competition, Wong Kah Hing, Poh Anson, Chen Yifei and Luo Hongxun from 402 clinched the Bronze Team Award for their outstanding performance. The various students were also the proud recipient of various individual awards.

The Time Capsule Challenge was a good experience for me, be it as part of a team or individually. I have learnt a lot through this competition and gained the support and friendship of my teammates and seniors.”

Student from class 305

Team Nan Hua during the Grand Finals.JPG
Team Nan Hua during the Grand Finals
Bicentennial Commemoration

2019 marks the Singapore Bicentennial, with 1819 being a turning point in Singapore’s journey to be a modern nation. The Humanities Department wanted to take this opportunity to help students to connect with the nation’s shared history and to understand Singapore’s connections with the world. Hence, posters were put up to help students to understand Singapore’s history better through exploring themes such as openness, multiculturalism and self-determination. Through these explorations, students gained a broader understanding of our history and are able to see the global and regional influences on our evolution as a nation.

“I learnt that the rich culture of Singapore was built up over the years by our ancestors. We should preserve and carry on this legacy. We should also remain self-reliant to defend ourselves from any threat.

Student from class 107

Appreciating our shared History.JPG

Appreciating our shared history

English-Humanities Week 2019

A collaboration between the English and Humanities Departments, the English-Humanities Week aims to cultivate in students a love for the English Language, English Literature and the Humanities through the various activities organised for them. It also aims to equip students with critical thinking skills, as well as values and dispositions that will not only deepen their appreciation of what is around them, but also better equip them to navigate the dynamic world that we live in today.

"Through the Distinguished Speakers’ Series, I have learnt that coral reefs are facing coral bleaching due to the warmer water temperatures and how I can play my part in preventing water temperatures from rising."

 Student from class 202

Other Humanities programmes

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- Humanities CnME modules

- Secondary 1 and 2 HI and GI 


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