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Working tgt to make sense of events.JPG
Working together to make sense of the events
how to create a volcano.JPG
Instructions on how to create a volcano

RICH Fest – Realising Innovation & Creativity in the Humanities 2018

During the RICH Fest, students engaged in interactive activities to ignite their passion and to test their knowledge of the humanities. Our Secondary 2 students’ minds were put to work as they built volcanoes and various weather instruments. Another exciting component was the Criminal Investigation Site where students had to uncover mysteries by studying artefacts. The Secondary Three students also contributed to the event as the jingles that they had written on topics learnt in their history classes were played. RICH Fest 2018 was indeed a fun and fruitful session!

Analysing the clues.JPG
Analysing the clues
Volcano Eruption.JPG
Volcano eruption!

 “I found RICH FEST 2018 to be a meaningful experience. During the cloud mirror activity, the groups were asked to describe the amount of cloud cover. Our group was not the fastest to finish the task. However, the teacher chose to award us the prizes as our responses were more accurate. This taught us the importance of precision in our answers. One challenge we faced would be the lack of time to do the outdoor measurement. All in all, RICH FEST 2018 was very useful as it helped us to find out more about the humanities subjects.” (Gao Yuxin, 206)

Having fun during competition.JPG
Having fun during the competition

Time Capsule Challenge 2018

On 19 th July, the Humanities and English departments organised the 3 rd instalment of the Time Capsule Challenge, a national Humanities and Current Affairs competition that aims to enrich students’ understanding of current affairs and the Humanities through creative application of their knowledge. Altogether, 19 teams participated in this event. This year, our Secondary Three Team were crowned Champions! Goh Kai Boon (302), Quek Ee Ing (406) and Chua Guang Rong (302) also received Individual Gold Awards. Additionally, Tan Sin Yee Gywneth (406), Choo Zheng Jun (406) and Tan Wee Yu (406) received Individual Bronze Awards for their outstanding performance.

“Captivating, engaging and deeply enriching, I found my experience at the time capsule challenge to be a true eye-opener. The challenge has taught me a plethora of soft skills and competencies that will prove invaluable in the long term - such as impromptu speaking and critical thinking. Furthermore, I had a lot of fun engaging in meaningful debate and discussion with my teammates. In conclusion, I would strongly encourage my juniors to embrace this challenge next year!” (Chua Guang Rong, 302)

Attempting quick ans rnd.JPG
Attempting the quick answer round
Time Capsule Challenge 2018.JPG
Time Capsule Challenge 2018
Team Nan Hua.jpg
Team Nan Hua with their trophies and coaches

Humanities Enrichment Activities

Firstly, the History CnME module, ‘STOMP it Right!’ enabled students to gain a wider perspective on current issues as they produced short films about Singapore.

Secondly, four secondary 3 students took part in the NUS Geography Challenge 2018. They had to brainstorm ways to ensure a secure Singapore and apply their geographical knowledge in all activities. Students learnt the importance of preserving the heritage and environment.

Thirdly, another module focused on training museum docents at the Old Ford Factory museum. Through this experience, students honed their communication skills and developed a greater understanding of Singapore.


Learning about filming.jpgLearning interviewing skills.jpg

Learning interviewing              Learning about filming
Grp discussion at NUS.jpg
Group discussion at NUS

Learning to be a museum docent.jpg
Learning to be a museum docent

“I had a good time during the CnME lessons as they helped me to gain a deeper understanding of what happened during the Japanese Occupation. Other than going on trips to Memories at Old Ford Factory to observe artefacts, we were also given the opportunity to guide our Secondary 2 juniors for their Historical Investigation.” (Cerilynn Law, 308)

Parents Engagement Session

During the Parent Engagement Session (PES), the Geography and History teachers explained the process of the Geographical Investigation (GI) and Historical Investigation (HI) and provided advice on how parents can support their children during the research process. For GI, the water testing process was re-enacted so that parents were aware of the data collection process. For HI, they were given different types of sources that their children studied in class, and teachers explained the skills that their children learnt. These allowed parents to understand how to guide their children at home.

Parents attending a briefing.jpg
Parents attending a briefing

Other Humanities programmes

-      Secondary 1 Archaeology Workshop              -     Secondary 2 Historical Scene Investigation

-      Distinguished Speakers’ Series                         -     Sec 1 and 2 HI and GI

-      Teacher-Led Workshop                                      -     Storymaps Challenge