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Checking our answers. Did we locate Charlie_.jpg

Checking our answers. Did we locate Charlie?

EL-Humanities Week

The theme for 2020’s EL-Humanities Week: From Darkness to Light, embodies Singapore’s resilience. This year, the joy of the Humanities was felt as students took on the character of David and were immersed in historically challenging times where they exercised critical thinking, making various choices and understanding their consequences. Geography and Literature were also highlighted in activities where students had to find locations through map-reading and the use of literary devices.

“I learnt about key historical events. The activities were engaging. We had to edit a letter, and solve riddles based on a map. My favourite part was being given a choice to vote which path David should take through Singapore’s tumultuous times.”

Tan Zhengkai, 106

Geographical Investigation

Geographical Investigation.jpg

Geographical Investigation

Secondary One students were tasked to find out the effects of human activities on the quality of water in waterways. Although unable to carry out water testing, students tapped on technology to learn more about such impacts in a country of their choice. Students then articulated their opinions on the depth of such impacts of human activities on the natural environment.

Historical Investigation

Historical Investigation.jpg

Historical Investigation

Secondary One and Two students are tasked to research on a selected inquiry question as part of their Historical Investigation process each year. Through this process, students learn to critically analyse and unpack the inquiry question. After completing in-depth research and analysis, they share their findings and arrive at a collective response to the question.

 H.S.I Challenge

HSI 2020.jpg

HSI 2020

The annual H.S.I Challenge, organised by the National Library, gives lower secondary students the opportunity to put their historical inquiry and information literacy skills to test. This year, students were tasked to create an infographic that illustrates one public health related incident or movement that Singapore had overcome from 1900 to 2000. A group of Secondary Two students tapped on skills acquired during History lessons to gather information from trusted sources and created an infographic on Singapore’s anti-drug movement.

CnME Modules

Presentation of our ideas.JPG

Presentation of our ideas

Social Media and Marketing

“The NH Social Media Marketing module taught me how to improve my presentations through the use of statistics and appropriate media. I also learnt how to ‘declutter my presentations and make them palatable. Through this module, I now know how to make the audience more interested in my presentation.”

Ju Yuan Xin, Charlene, 303 

Bringing people back from the past

“I learnt how to speak with more confidence and fluency.  I can also apply what I have learnt into my Exco speeches for my CCA. At the same time, I now believe that Singapore can advance even more in the future years and do even better than before.”

Liu Yutong, 304

NUS Geography Challenge

“From the Sec 3 CnME module on NUS Geography Challenge, I’m now more aware of the causes of and possible solutions to climate change. We were able to take part in fun activities and present our ideas in our groups. This course has definitely enriched me!”

Joanne Teo Ying Xi 306

Putting David_s fate to a vote - Decisions decisions.jpg

Putting David's fate to a vote - Decisions, decisions