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English and Literature

    The English Language and Literature department stays committed to our mission of nurturing world-savvy, articulate and engaging students. This year, we transformed the challenges brought about by the pandemic into opportunities to further our mission, by synergising new pedagogical approaches to enhance existing techniques. On top of signature events such as the Secondary One Public Speaking Workshops held in Term 1, the Structured Reading Programme, and the Reading Ambassadors programme, the department continued its collaboration with the Humanities Department through an exciting EL-Humanities Week Assembly lesson that helped students appreciate English while learning about societal issues.

ICT Innovations

2020 is a year of innovation. It pushed teachers out of their comfort zones to embrace the ‘new normal’. Undaunted by the unpredictability of the situation, teachers in the department bravely embraced new applications and platforms such as Student Learning Spaces (SLS), Google Classroom, Pear Deck and Padlet. Although some of us initially approached Full Home-Based Learning with some trepidation and reservations, we explored new ways of synchronous and asynchronous online teaching and were pleasantly surprised by the outcome of the lessons. 

Teaching English Language using Pear Deck.PNG

There was also rich sharing among colleagues in the department regarding some of the tools that we discovered during Full Home-Based Learning. Mr Goh Bang Rui introduced the department to Pear Deck, an interactive teaching platform that allows teachers to effectively and quickly assess students’ learning. Mdm Junaidah also shared with us and teachers from other departments the use of Jamboard for English Literature debate during her online open classroom lesson.

Lower Secondary Public Speaking Programme and Debate Competition

This programme, which aims to cultivate fundamental oratorical skills, serves as the first milestone for Secondary One students to develop into confident speakers. This year, students with a flair for public speaking were selected to compete in an online public-speaking competition. Congratulations to Kimura Mizuki (104), Wang Ziyi (102), and Ma Yunduo (108) for emerging as the top three students!

In the Secondary Two Debate Competition, top speakers from each class were selected to represent their class in an asynchronous pre-recorded debate. After rounds of intense debate, the competition concluded with classes 202 and 206 emerging victorious!
Preparing for the intra-class debate.jpg

                                                Preparing for the intra-class debate!

Nan Hua Orators

    Nan Hua Orators is home to students with a passion for public speaking in the English Language. Orators have a chance to not only showcase their oratorical skills but also find opportunities to develop their confidence, resilience, and teamwork. A highlight of the programme is Nan Hua Speaks, a fortnightly presentation programme where students get to select topics of interest and share them with their school mates. Students also take part in various competitions, including the Orator’s Trophy and YMCA Plain English Speaking Award. Under the mentorship of the English department teachers, our Orators are able to achieve outstanding results. This year, for the Orator’s Trophy, Kaung Htet Zar Nie (301) was shortlisted as a Semi-Finalist in the Upper Secondary Category and Vance Chua (203) emerged a Finalist in the Lower Secondary Category. We are excited to see what else is in store for us at the National Public Speaking Competition at the end of the year.

National Schools’ Literature Festival (NSLF)

    In this year’s NSLF, Nanhuarians showcased their passion and flair for Literature. In the Secondary One Choral Speaking competition, the team from class 108 clinched the Commendation Award for their vivid presentation of their selected poem.

    In the Secondary Two Book Trailer competition, students from 208 represented the school to present a gripping trailer of Shakespeare’s play, “The Merchant of Venice”. For their innovative online performance, which made use of the affordances of Zoom Video Conferencing, they were awarded the Silver Award.

A modern take on the Merchant of

A modern take on the Merchant of Venice 

    Not to be outdone, our Secondary Three students from 308 and 310 went head-to-head with students from Cedar Girls’ Secondary School in the Secondary Three Unseen Debate competition. After an invigorating debate, our team emerged victorious!

_Zoom-ing_ through the Merchant of Venice.png

Zoom-ing through the Merchant of Venice

Structured Reading Programme and Current Affairs Programme 

Presenting the news to classmates during the Current Affairs Programme.jpg

Presenting the news to classmates during the Current Affairs Programme 


    The Structured Reading Programme and Current Affairs Programme aim to cultivate positive reading habits and a greater awareness of current affairs. Reading Ambassadors have overcome the limitations of the pandemic, and continued to encourage the student population to read by sharing interesting news articles with the school and conducting book sharing sessions during English lessons. To enhance students’ awareness of the world around them, the Current Affairs Programmes this year featured global issues such as racism, political unrest around the world, issues impacting global transport, and the organisation of the Olympics in the midst of a pandemic.

Sharing our favourite books with our classmates.jpg

Sharing our favourite books with our classmates!

“I really enjoy being the Reading Ambassador of my class! Through the workshops and programs that I attended, I learnt to enjoy reading even more and new ways of writing by reading different genres. I was also able to help my friends enjoy reading and even managed to introduce some books to them. I hope that I can continue to do this in the future!”

Genevieve Armelle Guntur, Reading Ambassador of 204


Sharing Interesting News via Google Meet.jpg

“Sharing about the news to the school was a very meaningful experience for me. I could share my views on various issues with my schoolmates while helping them keep up to date with the latest news. This year's sharing was held over Google Meet instead of the Parade Square. I am glad it went smoothly.”

Chan Kah Min, Reading Ambassador of 305

English and Humanities Week

The theme for this year’s highly-anticipated English and Humanities Week was ‘Conserving our Heritage, Feeding our Future’. This theme was specifically chosen for its focus on the difficulties faced by hawkers, which were surfaced by the COVID-19 pandemic. During the programme, students were encouraged to reflect on the past, adapt to changes in the present, and ensure continuity for the future.

A cross-departmental effort, teachers from both the Humanities Department and the English Language and Literature Department worked together to create a narrative focussing on the trials and tribulations of the protagonists, Max and his mother, as they managed their noodle store in the midst of a volatile pandemic. As part of the programme, students had the opportunity to appreciate multi-modal, real-world texts (such as video recordings of events and interviews) and their role in portraying the lives of people. This helped develop students’ appreciation of the use of the English language in our daily lives.

If you were Max which option would you choose_.jpg

Competing to answer all the questions first.jpg

The moment of truth...are my answers correct_.jpg
If you were Max, which option would you choose?Competing to answer all the questions first!The moment of truth 

In addition, students witnessed how multimodal texts (such as video recordings of events and interviews, newspaper clippings, and even Whatsapp messages) in our everyday world help to capture history and one’s personal life as they unfold in time, highlighting the importance and relevance of developing multiliteracies in the English classroom.

What exciting adventures will next year’s programme hold? Stay tuned to find out!