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English and Literature


To be advocates of English Language and Literature who cultivate world-savvy, articulate and engaging students.


To promote the effective use and appreciation of English Language and Literature.

Department Programmes

National Schools Literature Festival

The poet, William Wordsworth once said, “Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings. …... it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquillity.” On 23 and 26 March, all Secondary 1 Nanhurians had the opportunity to realise that poetry is more than just a cathartic release as stated by Wordsworth but it was also about form when they experimented with different written and vocal techniques, breathing life and passion to their choral speaking performance created from their own works. The Poetry and Drama Workshop facilitated by Act 3 International culminated with a level-wide competition won by Class 209 who went on to participate in the National Literature Festival Competition (NSLF). 

Enjoying Ourselves at NSLF.jpg
Students expressing their joy of learning in the Poetry and Drama Workshop. Winning is not everything as Class 106 shows appreciation of their learning journey in NSLF through their happy smiles.

Poetry Competition.jpg
Class 106's winning performance for their level Choral Speaking Competition

Nan Hua Orators

Nan Hua Orators is made up of students with a passion for public speaking in the English Language. Besides nurturing their public speaking abilities, we also help to develop important character traits and life skills such as confidence and presentation abilities. Orators can participate in Nan Hua Speaks, which is a fortnightly assembly programme, emcee school events and take part in oratorical competitions. 2018 has been a bumper year for our orators. In the 2018 National Public Speaking Competition, Yap Yulun, Gabriel Chin and Chua Guang Rong came in 4th, 3rd and Champion respectively and in the 2018 Orator’s Trophy, Dylan Edward Long emerged Champion of the Junior League.

Dylan brought home the Champion Trophy from the Junior League of Orator_s Trophy.JPG Dylan brought home the Champion Trophy from the Junior League of Orator Gabriel, a NH Orator, gives a rousing speech as Student of the Year.jpg
Gabriel, a NH Orator, gives a rousing speech as Student of the Year

Sweeping top spots at NPSC 2018! (1).jpg
Sweeping top spots at NPSC 2018!

English and Humanities Week

Having fun during the Treasure Hunt.JPG
Having fun during the Treasure Hunt

This year, students were encouraged to discover the relevance of the English Language, Literature and Humanities in their lives. Students discovered how the skills they acquire in these subjects could help them in the different career fields such as law, medicine and architecture. They put their knowledge to the test as they completed a treasure hunt around the school. Students also found out more about the life of a lawyer through a learning journey to the Supreme Court and embarked on a literary exploration of Labrador Park to uncover secrets from the past and chart their paths for the future.
Embarking on a literary journey!.JPG
Embarking on a literary journey!

Putting together clues in the Escape Room!.JPG
Putting together clues in the Escape Room!
Learning Journey to the Supreme Court.JPG Learning Journey to the Supreme Court

Current Affairs Programme and Structured Reading Programme

The arena of Sports is an exciting one indeed, and this year’s Current Affairs Assembly Programme focused on the main highlights of the year – the 2018 Winter Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup in Russia. Our student actors and actresses modeled examples of good sportsmanship, and highlighted the negative impact of vicious competitiveness. Much emphasis was also placed on the importance of integrity and fairness in sports events.
Another segment of the programme revealed the disastrous ripple effect of consumerism and the environment, and students learnt that being dissatisfied with minute imperfections in various products could bring about unwanted consequences. Consumer enthusiasm became the main takeaway as students had to consider whether their own buying decisions were wants rather than needs. 

Besides the assembly programme, our fortnightly highlights of current news and issues from The Straits Times and our subscribed magazines during the morning assemblies prove useful teaching materials to both educators and learners alike, providing not only timely news but authentic texts as well. The transfer of knowledge from the materials the students read in the parade square to the classroom which their English Language teachers would frequently use to bridge the gaps to further their discussion and expansion of knowledge aptly correlates the aims of the current affairs programme.

A Successful Current Affairs Assembly.jpg
 A Successful Current Affairs Assembly

The Audience Paying Close Attention.jpg
The Audience Paying Close Attention 
The Lively Actors and Actress for Assembly.jpg
The Lively Actors and Actress for Assembly

Structured Reading Programme

Nanhuarians are encouraged to be curious and avid readers. Students read The Straits Times weekly and compete in the SRP Quiz, which is based on the current affairs highlighted in their newspapers. Each class is exposed to a digest of narrative texts in their English lessons, with lower secondary students immersing in fantasy extracts selected by NLB as well as Southeast Asian short stories, and upper secondary classes encountering a sample of international stories, biographies, historical narratives and hybrid essays. 

In each class are Reading Ambassadors, students volunteers who promote a love of reading among their peers through class-initiated activities and Assembly sharings. During English and Humanities Week, Reading Ambassadors ran literary games booths and designed library posters. Through the Current Affairs Programme, student presenters raised awareness of current issues to their peers. As a Reading School, Nan Hua was proud to take part in the Read for Books charity book drive organised by Read Singapore in August. The school’s mass reading efforts supported the donations of books to various beneficiaries.

SRP Photo 1 - Library Poster (1).png
SRP Photo 2.jpg
Student-designed posters highlight exciting new library arrivals Students test their literary knowledge during ELLHUM Week games
SRP Photo 4.jpg  SRP Photo 5.jpg 
Students test their literary knowledge during ELLHUM Week games   A class book exchange brings stories and people together 
SRP Photo 3.jpg  SRP Photo 6.jpg 
Students test their literary knowledge during ELLHUM Week games 
A class book exchange brings stories and people together