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St John Brigade Singapore


Over the years, our corps has nurtured cadets into disciplined and confident individuals.  The corps greatly values the core mottos of the Brigade, “Pro Fide - For the Faith”, and “Pro Utilitate Hominum - For the Service of Humanity”.  These mottos help to shape and nurture cadets into caring individuals who take the initiative to serve and contribute to society.

At CCA Extravaganza 2017

St John Brigade trains cadets in three main components: First Aid, Home Nursing, and Transportation of Casualty (TOC).  During weekly training sessions, cadets learn first aid skills and knowledge which they can apply in their everyday lives.  For instance, cadets learn how to provide assistance to someone with an injury, as well as essential practical skills like bandaging and Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation.  They also learn Home Nursing, which is providing assistance and care to patients.  Opportunities to develop their skills are also provided, with selected cadets attending courses like the National Basic Drill Instructor Course and Home Nursing Corps Trainer Course.

Footdrill is also an important component of our training sessions as it enforces discipline, a distinguishing trait of all uniformed groups.  Moreover, it instils esprit de corps in the unit.  Another part of our weekly sessions is physical training which helps to develop cadets’ physical fitness and ensures that they are prepared for emergencies.  St John Brigade cadets also form lifelong friendships with peers not only from the unit but also from other schools through fun and engaging activities and courses such as the Basic and Advanced Non-Commissioned Officer Courses which hone cadets’ leadership skills, build their endurance and prepare them for their journey as NCOs when they take over as seniors in the corps. 


CPR Demonstration

2017 was certainly a fruitful year for the corps.  One of the many highlights of the year was the Annual Zone 7 First Aid Competition in March in which all four teams did our Corps proud.  In preparation for the competition, cadets trained for months and their skills were put to the test in casualty simulation scenarios which tested their abilities to treat injuries on the spot.  After much hard work, the Ambulance Adult and the Nursing Adult teams emerged as First Runners-Up in their categories while the Ambulance Cadet team was the Second Runner-Up.  The Nursing Cadet Team also clinched the Best Leader and Best in Footdrill Awards.  The First Aid Competition was definitely an eye-opening experience for the participants and also enabled them to broaden their knowledge and proficiency as first aiders.

Transportation of casualty

St John Brigade plays an instrumental role in our holistic education and nurtures us to become confident leaders with strong values.  Through weekly training sessions, we learn useful skills such as first aid and home nursing. We are grateful for the many opportunities offered by various leadership courses, camps and competitions such as zonal first aid and home nursing competitions to broaden our knowledge and sharpen our skills.  We also learn the importance of leadership, discipline, perseverance and lifelong learning. We will strive for greater heights!     

                                                                                 SGT Celine Tan Shi Yun (Class 308), Corps Chairperson

                                                               SGT Bay Rui-Heng Benjamin (Class 310), Corps Vice-Chairperson