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National Police Cadet Corps


The National Police Cadet Corps aims to develop cadets to become active citizens and community leaders by working with Singapore Police Force to fight crime and keep Singapore safe.  The motto of Nan Hua’s National Police Cadet Corps (NHNP) is ‘Potest Qui Vult’ (When there’s a will, there’s a way) which emphasises that no task is insurmountable if one puts his heart and soul into it.  The unit has achieved remarkable results in various competitions such as the Inter-Unit Drills, Campcraft and .22 revolver competitions and clinched the Gold Award for the Unit Overall Proficiency Award from 2009 to 2018.  We are thankful for the guidance and support of our Teacher Officers, Mr Daren Tay, Mr Qin Yixuan and Ms Ho Wan Yee. We will strive to bring NHNP to greater heights!            

                                                                                                               Lee Zhi Heng (Class 309), Chairperson


Showing our fire-fighting skills
Adventure Training Camp at Pulau Ubin

Through activities carried out during our CCA sessions such as drills, discipline, which is one of our core values, is instilled in our cadets.  Campcraft sessions also help our cadets to learn skills that can be applied in their daily lives such as how to tie ropes of unequal length or thickness together for different purposes with various knots.  In addition, every year, Secondary 2 and 3 cadets participate in an exciting Adventure Training and Survival Training Camp.  They spend three days and two nights on Pulau Ubin with cadets from other schools in Area 16 engaged in various fun and exciting activities such as high rope obstacles, jetty jump as well as a campfire on the last night of the camp.  They make friends with cadets from other schools and experience camping. 


Campcraft Competition


CCA Extravaganza

Our achievements would not have been possible without the guidance and support of our Teacher Officers, Mr Daren Tay, Mr Li Zhihao, Ms Ho Wan Yee and Mdm Nisha Omar Khan.  We are very thankful for their dedication to the unit.  Together, we will bring our unit to greater heights!