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National Cadet Corps (Girls)


National Cadet Corps (NCC) Girls aims to nurture young leaders with resilience and discipline.  Various kinds of training in areas like individual marksmanship, live range shooting, kayaking and taekwondo help us to build perseverance, develop our skills and forge bonds within the company.  In 2019, we obtained a Distinction Award in Unit Recognition and emerged third in the National Freestyle Drills Competition besides being placed among the top three teams in both B and C Divisions in the Poomsae Competition at the Taekwondo National School Games.  We will persevere to become confident leaders!

                                                                      SSG Ong Yu Xin Elene (Class 304), Unit Sergeant Major

                                                                      SSG Reena Khoo Li Xuan (Class 306), Assistant Sergeant Major


Freestyle Drill Team 2017 Overall Champions!

We are proud to be able to obtain the Gold Award in the annual Best Unit Competition (BUC).  NCC BUC is an assessment of the overall performance of school units in a work year.  For the second time in a row, our Freestyle Drill team emerged as the overall champion at the Annual Freestyle Drill Competition 2017.  In order to achieve such results, the performing team trained to put up an impactful and creative self-choreographed performance, building strong teamwork in the process.


Cadets build mental and physical endurance as they undergo physical training and footdrill sessions.  Camps are also organised to foster bonds within the unit and with cadets from other schools.  These include NCC headquarters-based camps such as Camp Forge and Camp Steel and also annual school camps in March and November.  Moreover, cadets take part in live range shooting with SAR 21 rifles as well as paintball shooting.  Such activities enable cadets to forge friendships and stretch the potential of our unit.


Practising our kicksTaekwondo Training

Apart from our weekly training sessions, our cadets also have Taekwondo training sessions.  Taekwondo is our second co-curricular activity and cadets are equipped with self-defence skills and learn discipline.  Such training sessions are in line with one of the key thrusts of NCC, “Fitness”. We have grown to become responsible, resilient and resourceful cadets through the development of physical stamina and leadership skills.  With the dedicated Teacher Officers, Cadet Officers and Senior Cadet Specialists, Nan Hua NCC Girls unit will continue to work towards excellence!

                                                                               SSG Jaslyn Tan Hui Shan, Unit Sergeant Major (Class 309)
                                                                               SSG Seetho Yu Xuan, Assistant Sergeant Major (Class 311)