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Boys' Brigade

Bagpipe band performance at
 Cultural Potpourri 2015_edited.JPG

The 94th Boys' Brigade (BB) Singapore Company aims to nurture Boys to serve and lead. Boys engage in many activities such as outdoor cooking, kayaking, night-cycling and drills.  All Boys also pick up a performing art form either in performance drills, which incorporate hip-hop movements into drills, or bagpipes and drums.  This year, the Pipes and Drums Band performed on National Day for the Clementi community. Boys also have the choice to be a part of the Nan Hua Football Club, which is exclusive to BB members.                                                       

                            Goh Wei Hee (Class 304), Company Sergeant Major



This year, our Pipes and Drums Band played at the Clementi Community National Day celebrations.  Though the preparations were tough, we did our best. This experience helped to enhance my sense of belonging to Singapore.

                                                                              Linus Tham (Class 301), Deputy Company Sergeant Major



Founders' Men 2017

Throughout a Boy’s four years in BB, he will take part in a wide range of activities including foot drills, archery and kayaking.  He will also pick up important life skills such as public speaking and swimming.  The company also regularly engages in Values in Action activities with the Boys visiting and assisting the elderly under the Lions Befrienders scheme and helping to sort out donations and passing them on to needy families during the annual BB Share-A-Gift event.


BB Blaze 2017 Champions talking to Member of Parliament Mr Desmond Choo  

Every Boy in the company specialises in either the performance drills or bagpipes and drums.  Our company is the first to introduce Performance Drills Squad (PDS) to BB in Singapore.  Our trainings combine both elements of dance and fancy drill.  Notably, PDS also recognises our Boys’ special abilities.  Talents such as parkour, B-boying and Yo-Yo tricks are often incorporated into our performances.  In PDS, Boys develop creativity, confidence and discipline, and above all, teamwork.  Our company is also one of the few companies in Singapore to have a Bagpipes and Drums band.  Boys learn the importance of teamwork while playing in the band, and come to understand the significance of the role of every band member so that the band sounds beautifully as one.  Whether the Boys are part of the PDS or Bagpipes and Drums Band, all of them get to perform at various school and community events.

Bagpipes-and-Drums-Band-at-Open-House.jpg Performance-and-Drill-Squad-putting-on-a-good-show.jpg
Bagpipes and Drums Band Performance Drills Squad

2017 was a wonderful year for us.  We had our annual Adventure and Leadership Camp at Water Venture (Changi) at which we honed our leadership skills.  We also received the JM Fraser Gold Award for Excellence and are Champions in the arduous national BB Blaze Competition against over 100 other teams. 

                                                                Teow Choon Ray (Class 309), Company Sergeant Major 

                                                                Kennard Tay (Class 310), Deputy Company Sergeant Major

                                                                Ng Ka Yip (Class 303), Deputy Company Sergeant Major


Company Photo 2017

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