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Student Council

The Nan Hua Student Council comprises a group of student leaders dedicated to their motto of “Service with Pride”, guided by the 8 school values. In addition, Student Councillors strive to live out the 4Cs - Creative, Compassionate, Committed  and Confident. Since its founding in 1993, the Council has been the voice of the student body, helping to make the school a better place for all Nanhuarians. The Council has also played an integral role in the smooth running of school events, helping to major school events such as Teachers’ Day Celebrations and the Secondary One Orientation Camp, and Camp Genesis.

Introducing the 29th Student Council Executive Committee  2.jpg

29th Student Council Exco 

Reflections by Students

Student Council Investiture 2021

Student Council Investiture 2021 is one of the events which I am most proud of. We went through the entire process together with many of my fellow councillors. I felt honoured to be given the opportunity to represent the Student Council for the Student Council Pledge. It serves as a reminder to us to keep Nanhuarians at the heart of what we do. The investiture signalled that we are no longer the newly admitted probational leaders. Instead, we are individuals who have grown through two years of ups and downs and are taking on the role of our seniors who have done well in leading us. Being a newly elected Vice President was stressful for me at the start; I was hesitant about whether I could do as well as my council seniors. 但所谓"独木不成林,单弦不成音。I believe that with the joint efforts of the EXCO members and all my fellow councillors, we will be able to pull through all obstacles together, lead the student council and serve the school well, just like our seniors.

Gee Anh Mai 302 

 Participant of Student Council Investiture

The student council investiture was a nice welcome into the Student Council. A fun memory was when my friends saw the photo used in the collage of pictures. A thing I have noticed from being in the Student Council was that I have grown to become even more confident than I was before joining the council. My council experience has also allowed me to be more careful of the words I choose to use when speaking to others; I am now more aware of how my words can have an impact on others.   

Vance Chua Qi Rong (203) 

 Participant of Student Council Investiture

29th Student Council Investiture Cover page 1.jpg

Student-initiated project: Encouragement Notes for TAN Tock Seng Hospital Staff

To show our appreciation towards the Tan Tock Seng Hospital staff’s contributions during the COVID-19 pandemic, my batch of councilors and I decided to thank them by collating a picture collage of physical cards, online cards, and even photos of ourselves posing with a thumbs up or heart. The picture collage was then posted on the school’s Instagram page, in hopes that the staff of Tan Tock Seng Hospital would receive our well wishes. Not long after, we received an email from Tan Tock Seng Hospital, thanking us for our tokens of encouragement and appreciation. Even though I was not featured in the picture collage, this experience was extremely enriching for me. I learned how appreciating and affirming others could encourage them to persevere with a sense of determination despite setbacks faced. Furthermore, I also learned to have a grateful and empathetic heart. Even though the Tan Tock Seng Hospital staff put forth their utmost and sacrificed themselves to ensure that everyone was safe during the pandemic, they were being treated rudely and even shunned away from the public. We should empathise with their long working hours and be appreciative of them and their efforts. From this experience, I feel inspired to be encouraging, compassionate, and grateful to others around me. It was an extremely meaningful and fruitful experience and has definitely helped me to gain more insights into how to be a better person.  

 Chin Xie Yu (207)

Participant of Project in Thanking TTSH Staff

At first, I did not understand why we had to write cards for our frontline workers, although I was really grateful for all of their hard work. However, through this project, it really highlighted how much they have done for every single one of us. Upon seeing the reply from the Tan Tock Seng Hospital staff, it really warmed my heart to see how i was able to put a smile on their face and to keep them on going. I am really appreciative of whatever they have done for us and am hoping for the best. Let us all abide by the safe-management measures so that we can overcome this challenge, and so that our frontline workers can get some rest soon!  

Valeska Goh Yong Ni (203) 

 Participant of Project in Thanking TTSH Staff

Appreciation to TTSH from Nan Hua High School 1 1.jpg

Council Camp 2020

Personally, the training that I received from the camp had made me realise the importance of preparedness and quick-thinking, especially as a leader. Being given the role of a facilitator as well as a camper, I had to ensure that the experience was fruitful not just for myself but also for my group mates then. This was not easy, however, as we faced many challenges when we were carrying out the events that were completely new and unique, such as when we faced logistical issues and COVID restrictions when planning for the inaugural Gala Brunch. It was certainly something that daunted my batchmates and myself a lot then, being scared of what was going to happen when things do not go as planned. Nevertheless, we continued to strive on and through some last minute heavy thinking, we managed to pull through.

It was certainly quite a stressful experience for me but it certainly taught me that one can never be completely prepared for everything and must always be quick on their feet, especially when many people are counting on them.

Chua Swee Chuan (404)

Participant of Council Camp

Over the last 3 years, the many opportunities presented by the Student Council have allowed me to become a more confident, outspoken, and patient leader. Through the many team-based activities like the planning of the Teachers’ Day Celebrations and the annual Council Camp, I understood the importance of teamwork and that relying on your teammates is crucial in times of need, as they will be the ones who would be by your side throughout difficult times. I have also learnt the importance of being patient and open-minded. There will be times when we have disagreements with our peers, but it is important for us to patiently listen to their opinions and ideas instead of just rejecting their ideas immediately. Overall, my time in the Student Council has been enriching,  eye-opening, and has also allowed me to forge strong relationships with my peers, which I am extremely grateful for. 

Hailey Zaw (409) 

 Participant of Council Camp

Rehearsing our proposal presentation .jpg

Teachers’ Day Celebrations 2021

TDC poster 2021.jpg