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Student Council

The Nan Hua Student Council comprises a group of student leaders dedicated to their motto, “Service with Pride”, and guided by the eight school values. In addition, Student Councillors strive to live out the 5Cs - Creative, Compassionate, Committed, Competent and Confident. Since its founding in 1993, the Council has been the voice of the student body, helping to make the school a better place for all Nanhuarians. The Council has also played an integral role in the smooth running of school events, and in the planning of major events such as Teachers’ Day Celebrations, the Secondary One Orientation Camp, and Camp Genesis

Online page of the 28th Student Council Investiture.jpg

Online page of the 28th Student Council Investiture 

Reflections by students 

Orientation programme and Camp Genesis for Secondary 1 student

Planning for Camp Genesis as a Student Council Executive Committee member was a whole new experience. It was a privilege for us to help set the stage for a wonderful Nan Hua journey for our new Secondary One juniors. Furthermore, knowing that this was going to be the first impression our juniors will have of the Student Council made us all motivated to do this right.

One of the most significant activities was “Mission I'm Possible”, which involved several games such as "Snake" and "What Time Is It, 孔子?".

During the planning phase, the main challenge we faced was to think of interesting games that would capture the Secondary One students’ attention, so we had to draw on our own experiences as a participant three years ago, and put ourselves in their shoes. This change of perspective, especially when given a time limit for proposing these games, inspired us to outdo ourselves and pushed ourselves as event planners.

I felt that the activity went smoothly and the Secondary One students enjoyed themselves. However, two things I felt could have been improved would be our time management, and efficiency in executing the activities. Some games were ended too quickly, while others were too slow and had to be cut short. The large movement of different classes at once also proved to be a challenge as it was chaotic and noisy. Through this experience, we learnt that communication between every game master is key to the success of the event.

Overall, this experience was invaluable and enriching. I was humbled to be given the opportunity to represent the Student Council in front of our newly minted Secondary Ones. Although it was tiring to plan for it after our ‘O’-Level Examinations, it was definitely worthwhile. If I were given the chance to do it all over, I would take up the opportunity again without hesitation.

Lee Jun Yi (410)

Star 5 Student Leader 

Executive Committee of the 28th Student Council_.jpg

Executive Committee of the 28th Student Council

Student Council Investiture 2020

This year's Online Investiture served as a good opportunity for the Student Council to introduce ourselves to all Nanhuarians, and renew our promise to serve them, especially in these uncertain times. I had to confront my fears of public speaking to make my maiden speech as the President of the Student Council. Even though it was conducted through a pre-recorded video, I still had the fear of not effectively conveying the intended message. However, with the support of my teachers, fellow councillors and peers, I was able to make an effective speech. I am certain that the Online Investiture, crafted with effort from our seniors, councillors, teachers and Infocomm members, had served as a great start to our Student Council journey!

Chua Swee Chuan (304)

President of the 28th Student Council 

I think this year's Student Council Investiture was a very interesting, new experience for everyone. Usually, the investiture would be conducted in the school hall, but it was done on SLS this year due to COVID-19. Although I did not get to experience what my seniors did in the past years, I still value this investiture very much.

Chung Jing Xuan Christa (207)

Secondary 2 Student Councillor

Teachers’ Day Celebrations 2020

This year's Teachers' Day Celebration was definitely a unique experience for all of us. We are really grateful to be given the chance to be the OICs for such an important project. During the planning process, our team met with many obstacles and challenges due to the current COVID-19 situation. As a result, we spent countless hours negotiating these constraints while planning and preparing for the day. With help from the student body, we managed to put up beautiful decorations around the school, and prepare heartfelt gifts for our teachers. The process of creating the gifts and decorations was certainly not easy, but we did it together. The theme video was also something that was challenging, as we had to write and act out the script with limited manpower. When the final video was published, we saw the fruits of our labour, and came to realise that each and every one of us is a piece to this big puzzle; when we are pieced together, we can create and run a successful event. Seeing the smiles on the teachers' faces made all our efforts worthwhile!

Caroline Yeo (308) & Ng Jun Jie (308)

Star 5 Student Leaders

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Thank you Teachers.jpg
Thank you Teachers!

Appreciating our teachers during the Teachers_ Day Celebration.jpgAppreciating our teachers during the Teachers' Day Celebration

Online page for the Teachers_ Day Celebration 2020.jpgOnline page for the Teachers' Day Celebration 2020