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Basketball Club (Boys)


2017 was a sensational year for the Basketball Club.  The team gave its best efforts and against all odds, our B Division boys managed to enter the second round of the competition.  We believe in teamwork and will stay united as one.  As the American writer, Dale Brown, once said, “It’s not the push from behind or the pull from in front – It is the drive from inside.”  The team will try its utmost to bring glory to the team and school in the coming competitions.

Jordan Chng Qi Xian (Class 303)
Edwitt Lim Jun Heng (Class 311)

In 2019, Nan Hua Basketball Club participated in both the B and C Divisions in the West Zone Inter-School Basketball Championships.  Although our teams did not go as far as we wanted, we fought hard and did our best in every match. Under the guidance of our coach, Coach Mao Hai Bin, and with the support of our teachers, we made significant improvements; we learnt many new skills and refined our techniques during training sessions.  We also reinforced the values of teamwork, determination, respect and integrity. Our team of passionate basketball players will continue to improve and get better!

                                                                                           Javier Lim Kai Yang (Class 308), Captain

                                                                                           Jonas Loh (Class 302), Vice-Captain