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Badminton Club

About Us

The Nan Hua Badminton Club has come a long way in establishing itself as a powerhouse in the west from our humble beginnings in 2006.  2019 was a great year for the club; our teams worked hard and won many awards, clinching Top 4 placings in all divisions in the West Zone Inter-School Badminton Tournament.

Our achievements would not have been possible without our coaches' guidance, our teachers' support and the hard work and dedication of our players.  We are also grateful to parents who came to watch our matches and cheered us on towards success.

Awards and Achievements
2019 West Zone Inter-School Badminton Tournament
B Boys – 3rd Runner Up
B Girls – 2nd Runner Up
C Boys – 2nd Runner Up
C Girls – 1st Runner Up 

B Boys.jpg

2019 B Boys (Zonals) 

B Girls.jpg

2019 B Girls (Zonals) 

C Boys.jpg

2019 C Boys (Zonals) 

C Girls.jpg

2019 C Girls (Zonals) 

B Boys and Girls.jpg
2019 B Boys & B Girls (Zonals) 

C Boys and Girls.jpg

2019 C Boys & C Girls (Zonals)


Leadership Programmes (Nan Hua - QL Invitational Tournament)

To further develop our players to be well rounded individuals with an impetus on teamwork, we are also proud to host the annual Nan Hua – QL Invitational Tournament in end-May in which our Secondary 3 Captains and Vice-Captains, with support from members of the Badminton Club are given the opportunity to plan and execute the running of the tournament. This allows our players to not only be well verse in just playing well in competitions but also to have a platform for them to hone their leadership and organisation skills.

The Nan Hua – QL Invitational Tournament is organized for Senior Primary School Players. We hope that this annual Tournament also helps to raise the standard of Badminton amongst Primary School players.

Values in Action (VIA)

Our students are also encouraged to take the opportunity to contribute back to society through a Values-in-Action (VIA) Programme whereby they can help out by coaching and sparring with Primary School Students at their alma mater. By contributing back to the society, we hope that our students will learn to be humble and gracious to those around them.


Mr Han Chin Gene (Overall I/C)

Mdm Nornieyuniza Bte Mohd Yusuff (2nd I/C)

Mdm Cessaline Wang

Mr Tan Kian Tong


Head Coach: Mr Yeo Chua Long

Assistant Coach: Mr Koh Yan Sen

2019 Student Leaders

Sec 4 Boys Captain: Low Qi Jun, Cheka

Sec 4 Girls Captain: Cheryl Teo Jun Lin

Sec 3 Boys Captain: Chng Jun Yang Justin

Sec 3 Girls Captain: Aurelia Cheng Qin Yu

Training Days:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

Our team values discipline and teamwork which help us to excel.  The players are all very hardworking and have a burning passion for the sport.  With the continued guidance of our teachers and coaches, our team will strive to achieve greater heights and stay true to our motto, ‘My Team, My Pride’.  I am really proud to be a member of this awesome team.

                                                                                        Low Qi Jun, Cheka (Class 407), Captain