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Athletics Club

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As our school celebrates its centennial anniversary this year, the Athletics Club has done the school proud and made the celebrations sweeter by winning several titles and placings in various categories at the National Cross Country Championships 2017 and the 58th National Track and Field Championships 2017.  We have been striving to improve the standards and results of our athletes in national competitions.  This year, our athletes’ hard work and efforts have paid off, producing stellar results:

Awards and Achievements

National Cross-Country Championships
Team Category:
C Division Girls – 4th Position
B Division Girls – Champion

Individual Category:
C Division Girls – 20th Placing
C Division Boys – 2nd Placing
B Division Girls – 2nd, 6th, 7th and 10th Placing

58th Annual Inter-School Track and Field Championships 2017
Individual Category:
C Division Girls (1500m) – 4th
C Division Girls (3000m) – 4th
C Division Boys (1500m) – 1st
C Division Boys (3000m) – 2nd
B Division Girls (800m) – 1st
B Division Girls (1500m) – 2nd
B Division Girls (3000m) – 3rd

Our moment of glory.jpg

Our moment of glory

The team would like to offer our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to our coach, Mr Elangovan Ganesan, for putting in much time and effort into training our athletes and helping us achieve amazing results this year.  We would also like to express our gratitude to the team’s teachers-in-charge, Mr Mun, Ms Tong, Ms Yang, Mr Liang and Mr Ho for their dedication and endless support.

Yet another victory.jpg
Yet another Victory!
Great performance.jpg
Great Performance!

The Athletics Club will continue to work hard and put in our best effort to become a more bonded and stronger team to bring Nan Hua High School to greater heights next year!

Shawna Tay, Captain (Class 302)
Joy Tan, Vice-Captain (Class 307)

Building bonds.jpg
Building Bonds

2019 was a rewarding year for us.  We trained tirelessly to perform our best and did the school proud with our achievements.  We are extremely thankful to our Coach, Mr Elangovan for his dedication. Our three teachers, Mr Mun, Ms Tong and Mr Liang, have also played a critical role in helping us to develop our skills and character.  Our team is a big family and we surmount obstacles together as one. We will continue to do our best for the team and the school!

                                                                                        Hoe Shien Hui (Class 306), Captain

                                                                                        Ong Minn Shuen (Class 308), Vice Captain