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Robotics Club


Members of the Robotics Club strive to enhance their knowledge of robotics, enterprise and innovation by participating in competitions and through much collaboration and other opportunities throughout their four years as first, members and then leaders, of the club, reinforce important values and learn essential skills of communication and leadership.  Members hone their skills to become more creative and more confident of their skills and abilities so that they can surpass their achievements to attain greater heights.

A club that plays together stays together

The Robotics Club focuses on robotics activities; members build, plan and program robots to compete in competitions.  No matter the numerous obstacles, they persevere and work together to come up with feasible solutions.  The club abides by a peer learning process through which more experienced seniors impart their knowledge and skills to their juniors, allowing more free and creative thinking experiences whereby members are not bound by specific routines or restricted to uniform learning processes so that ideas are given free rein and members learn at their own pace through discovery learning.


Our Secondary 4 members

There are also opportunities to think out-of-the-box through participation in innovation competitions such as Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’ Award which encourages creative thinking to innovate and design products that can solve problems faced by our society, and also the IDE (Innovation, Design and Engineering) Championships at which teams are given household items to complete certain tasks from making a rubber band powered car to making a brace to enable eggs to survive a drop from three storeys!  These competitions provide compelling experiences for members and during competitions, club members provide moral support for one another.  This year, at IDE Challenge 2017, the club did our school proud by clinching the Innovation Award and emerging as the champion!

The Robotics Club will remember its motto, “To Inspire, Invent, and Innovate!” and continue to strive on to attain greater heights!

Wong Qian Long, President (Class 309)