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Guzheng Ensemble


The Nan Hua Guzheng Ensemble has come a long way since the ensemble's establishment in 1999.  Under the guidance of our instructor Madam Yin Qun, we have grown from a nineteen-member ensemble to our present number of forty-three members.

The ensemble participated actively in various annual school events such as CCA Extravaganza, Chinese New Year Concert, Speech and Prize-Giving Day, Mid-Autumn Festival and Cultural Potpourri.  The ensemble also performed at the opening of the school’s Bicultural Hub as part of the school’s Centennial Celebrations this year.  Moreover, we had the honour of performing at this year’s Spring Surprise at Gardens By The Bay.  The ensemble was thrilled that the audience loved our selection of Chinese New Year songs!


All smiles after our performance

During the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation this year, our girls did our school proud by clinching a Distinction, a consistent performance by our ensemble since 2005 largely due to the commitment and hard work of our instructor, teachers and members.


Working together

In our effort to create friendly competition among the ensemble members and to stretch their potential, all members are strongly encouraged to take part in the Guzheng Graded Examinations conducted by the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.  It is our hope that every member can achieve at least a Grade 5 within four years.  Some of our members even attained Grade 9 and Diploma certificates.

Under the guidance of Madam Yin Qun, Mrs Yeo-Lim Soo Mui, Ms Amelia Gan and Ms Kathy Loh and with the unwavering support of our peers, the ensemble will continue to live by our motto, “One Song, One Spirit, One Family”.  With passionate and committed members, we will continue to strive to attain greater heights!

Jeanne Leong Jing Yi (Class 406)

Awards and Achievements
SYF Arts Presentation 2017 - Certificate of Distinction
SYF Arts Presentation 2015 - Certificate of Distinction
SYF Arts Presentation 2013 - Certificate of Distinction
SYF Central Judging for Guzheng Ensemble 2011 - Gold Award
SYF Central Judging for Guzheng Ensemble 2009 - Gold Award