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Chinese Orchestra 华乐团


The Nan Hua Chinese Orchestra (NHCO) comprises seven sections, namely, Yang Qin扬琴,Tanbo弹拨,Erhu二胡,GuanYue管乐,Dizi笛子,Percussion打击乐,and Cello-Bass.  Every performance entails the challenge of synchronising seven instrument groups to play as one but NHCO overcomes this hurdle through focusing on the common goal to produce beautiful renditions.

In 2017, NHCO took part in various events including various Values in Action activities.  At the end of 2016, NHCO put in much effort for our performance at the yearly Cultural Potpourri Concert.  Besides performing "Kentucky and Suzanna", we had another difficult task of putting up a spectacular performance, “Jupiter” with the Nan Hua Symphonic Band.  With meticulous preparation, we did not fail to impress the audience with a stunning performance.  What a great end to 2016!


To thank our wonderful Secondary 4 members for their efforts and contributions, Official Retirement Day was held on 5 June at which we had fun participating in exciting activities like water games as well as our very own photo booth.  It was definitely a memorable day for one and all!




With the guidance of teachers-in-charge, Ms Tessa Khew Yu Ping, Mr Edwin Ong and Ms Ang Yan Chee Sophia , and the unwavering support of our peers and seniors, we will continue to strive towards excellence and to bring CO to greater heights!


Vanessa Wong En Hui (Chairperson)
Aloysius Chen Wei Jun (Vice-Chairperson)