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Art & Design Club


Despite the fact that the Art and Design Club has only twenty-four members, we are never afraid to take on new challenges and explore our creativity.  The many different art forms we learn such as illustrating and watercolour and acrylic painting, help us in the challenging competitions we take part in throughout the year.  Through these opportunities, we cultivate greater artistic appreciation and honed our artistic skills

Our Secondary 3 members took part in The Japan International High School Arts Festival 2017, and our lower secondary members participated in Draw My Stamp Story.  Other competitions included the Singapore Youth Festival 2017 Logo Competition and Maritime Mascot Design Competition.

CCA_Art_2016_01.jpgAppreciating Art InstallationsCCA_Art_2016_02.jpgAdvanced eastern style ceramic making
An experienced pottery-making instructor guided our members in creating original pots and plates.  We learnt skills such as moulding, underglazing, bisque firing and trimming.  A beautiful vase by Lau Yan Xi from Class 404, ‘Cosmos’, was selected as the token of appreciation for the Guest of Honour of our school’s Centennial Dinner.

Art Club members at the Art Science Museum
Listening to the guide explaining the works at Art Science musuem.jpg
Listening to the guide explain the works at Art Science musuem
In May, the club visited The Universe and Art exhibition at the Art Science Museum.  We also explored the whimsical and interactive futuristic digital installations in the Future World exhibition.  It was definitely a fulfilling experience as we learnt more about how science and religion influenced contemporary art as well as how art, science and technology intertwined to create magical experiences.

The Art and Design Club members strive to be imaginative and adventurous artists.  In our pursuit of artistic excellence, we will support one another through thick and thin and continue to fuel our passion for art!

Quek Ee Ing (Class 306) and Lim En Qi, Nicole (Class 301)
Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson

Learning Journey to Art Science Museum