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Co-Curricular Activities

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Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) in Nan Hua High School

CCA is an integral part of the holistic, well-rounded education for students and serves as a platform for the nurturing of values as well as building up of resilience, confidence and life skills. These will prepare them to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Our 28 CCA Groups are organised in four CCA Clusters, namely the Aesthetics Cluster, Clubs & Societies Cluster, Sports Cluster and Uniformed Groups Cluster. Besides individual CCA programmes, the school has vibrant CCA Cluster programmes where different CCA groups will work hand in hand for School Events, conduct Inter-CCA games to increase team bonding, or have combined courses/activities for mutual benefit. These encapsulate the strong school spirit in Nan Hua High, where everyone looks out for one another and contributes to the success of the school.


Head of Department / CCA & CE : Mr Jonathan Tan

Aesthetics Cluster

Cluster IC                                    : Mdm Lim Jiuan
Cluster 2IC (Performing Arts)  : Ms Teo Hui Yi
Cluster 2IC (Visual Arts)           : Mr Cheng Kian Hua

Clubs & Societies Cluster

Cluster IC : Mdm Goei Hwee Cheng
Cluster 2IC: Ms Wang Shiyun Samantha

Sports Cluster

Cluster IC : Ms Saw Eileen
Cluster 2IC : Mr Han Chin Gene

Uniformed Groups Cluster

Cluster IC : Ms Yvonne Lim
Cluster 2IC : Mr Low Wei Chuan Matthias

Student Council

Cluster IC : Mdm Wong Puay Kee
Cluster 2IC : Ms Yang Wei

The following CCAs are offered by the school. 

Uniformed Groups Cluster

Boys’ Brigade
Girl Guides
National Cadet Corps (Boys)
National Cadet Corps (Girls)
National Police Cadet Corps
St John Brigade

Sports Cluster

Athletics Club
Badminton Club
Basketball Club (Boys)
Netball Club (Girls)
Softball Club (Girls)
Table Tennis Club
Volleyball Club (Boys)

Aesthetics Cluster

Art & Design Club
Calligraphy Club
Chinese Drama Society
Chinese Orchestra
Dance Society
English Drama & Debating Club
Guzheng Ensemble
Harp Ensemble
Symphonic Band 

Clubs & Societies Cluster

Infocomm Club
Robotics Club
Service Learning Club