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Student Development

Launch of Character Strengths Mural during the S.T.A.R Seminar. .JPG
Launch of Character Strengths Mural during the S.T.A.R Seminar. 

At Nan Hua High School (NHHS), the focus of Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) is on enabling students to actualise the 8 School Values through the pathways of Positive Education, so that we can accomplish our CCE vision to ‘Nurture Active Citizens Grounded In Values’. We believe strongly in creating positive memories and authentic experiences to bring about a student-centric, and values-driven education for our Nanhuarians, so that they learn important skills and competencies and use their character strengths to lead flourishing lives in a volatile and complex future. 

With this vision in mind, CCE programmes have been designed to provide a holistic and supportive environment for students to tap on their strengths to bring out the best in themselves and others around them. Through the Value-Of-The–Month (VOM) Programme, students learn about the school’s 8 Confucian values and apply them through activity-based lessons and experiential learning opportunities. Classes also decorated their noticeboard to display class strengths, the “Values Corner” and the “G.E.M Reflection” to emphasise the importance of school values and to celebrate possibility and gratitude. 

The Class Noticeboards showcase class identity and strengths.jpg
Noticeboard displaying class strength 

The development of a CareForce (made up of Care Champions from each class) helps to champion the school’s efforts in building a supportive care culture through peer support. This year, the team piloted a ‘CareForce Leadership Programme’ aimed at leadership development of Care Champions and inspiring every student to be a peer supporter. Care Champions who are under this program were given opportunities to hone their leadership skills through many self-initiated projects. In January this year, they pioneered the ‘Secondary One Welcome Programme’ to ease the anxiety of new Secondary One students transitioning to secondary school. During the Home Based Learning period, a group of Care Champions initiated the project titled “Spreading Positivity to NanHuarians” by sending out inspirational WhatsApp messages to their classmates on a weekly basis to advocate the importance of enhancing positive emotions to build mental resilience during tough times through bonding with friends virtually and family physically while practicing social distancing. 

G.E.M Corner to spread positivity.jpg
G.E.M Corner to spread positivity.

A cornerstone of our CCE programmes is to foster a strong sense of belonging at class, school and community level by building positive relationships with others. Teacher-Interaction with Pupils Sessions (TIPS) continued despite the COVID-19 pandemic, where Form Teachers meet individual students online to get to know them better and monitor their wellbeing during weekly assembly periods. In addition, Class Connect Time held every Tuesday morning gives Class Committee members opportunities to hone their leadership skills through a Class Meeting structure, foster class spirit and togetherness through Project DREAM, a class improvement project. This year, classes improvised on the implementation of their Project DREAM due to the pandemic. 

As teachers are drivers of students’ learning, professional development opportunities are provided to engage our teachers in discussions about CCE issues. With the school adopting a whole-school approach towards Positive Education, the CCE Committee conducted workshops for teachers in this area. This year, teachers delved deeper into emotional literacy and were introduced to the ‘Positive Emotions Toolkits’ during the annual STAR seminar.

Introducing 10 forms of Positive Emotions during  the online STAR Seminar.jpeg

Introducing 10 forms of Positive Emotions during the online STAR Seminar

Student’s Reflection on “Spreading Positivity to NanHuarians”: 

Noticeboard displaying class strength.jpg
Noticeboard displaying class strength.

At the start of every week, we strive to send a positive message and picture to the school population through our level Care Champions. The main challenge the Executive Committee faced was that we have to think of new messages to send every week and ensure that the content is varied. To overcome this challenge, we decided to assign different Executive Committee members to come up with messages every week so that we can have fresh idea. Through these weekly messages, I learnt that sending positive messages and pictures to those around me can help make them feel a little better so they can start their day with a more positive mindset. I believe that it is beneficial for us to continue with this mini project as it enables us to cultivate a more caring and positive culture in Nan Hua.  
Nicole Tan, 305