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Citizenship Education

Happy to be in different ethnic wear.jpg

Happy to be in different ethnic wear

Citizenship Education (CE) in Nan Hua seeks to develop students into concerned citizens who actively contribute to the community and nation. Our programmes are designed to inculcate a deeper sense of belonging in our young Singaporeans. We hope that they continue to commit themselves to nation building even after they leave Nan Hua.

Our ELDDS_ rendition of Recollections.jpg
Our ELDDS' rendition of Recollections

Developing a sense of National Identity

Forging a sense of national identity has always been at the core of Nan Hua’s Citizenship Education. This year, one of the milestone citizenship experiences was the National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) Presentation Ceremony. This ceremony aimed to develop in students a deeper understanding of what it means to be a Singaporean and a sense of belonging to Singapore. Form Teachers presented students their NRIC. Students then recited the pledge together. 

“Collecting our NRICs was exciting! It was an important milestone for all of us. Although I had previously led the school in reciting the National Pledge during podium duty, leading my cohort to do the same during the ceremony was slightly more nerve-wrecking. It was different because even though the hall as buzzing with excitement, everyone quickly quietened down and took the pledge seriously. Being a part of that experience was certainly heart-warming and important as it motivated me to become a better Singaporean Citizen.”
Sec 3 student from class 309

Another programme tailored specially for our students was the National Service (NS) Engagement session. The Secondary Three students had the privilege of having their seniors, Aloysius Tay and Terence Wong share about their National Service experience and the life lessons gleaned. Through the sharing, the students had a greater awareness of a sense of reality about Singapore’s constraints and vulnerabilities, and how their future roles serving in National Service will contribute significantly in safeguarding Singapore.

Commemorating Singapore's Bicentennial in Nan Hua

This year Singapore celebrates its Bicentennial, where we commemorate 200 years of contemporary history and development, from our humble beginnings to the modern garden city we call home. We wanted students to have a sense of hope for our future. Therefore programmes were organised to raise awareness about our pioneers’ experiences and contributions. During our National Day Celebrations, students hear the touching stories of our Nan Hua family who were from the Pioneer and Merdeka generations. Our Secondary One students also went on a special learning journey, the “Bicentennial Experience”, a multimedia sensory experience which brings them back in time to witness key moments in Singapore’s transformation from as far back as 1299.

Awed by the reverse rainfall showcase.jpg
Bicentennial experience was impactful for all of us.jpg
Awed by the reverse rainfall showcase.
Bicentennial experience was impactful for all of us.

“I believe that I can cultivate in myself what has been practised throughout the history of Singapore, which are multi-culturalism, openness and self-determination. I have to develop determination and not give up in order to make changes in our society like what the generations before me have done.” 
Sec 1 student from class 103

“I feel a sense of pride as a Singaporean. Knowing that countless people’s efforts have turned a tiny island into city that surpassed others, fills me with a sense of duty. I must carry on their legacy for future generations.”
Sec 1 student from class 107

“I feel that I can play a part in Singapore’s future by studying hard so that I do not waste the effort our forefathers who have made Singapore into a place that many can call home.”
Sec 1 student from class101

“I can start with small acts such as maintaining good relationships with people of different races, so that Singapore will be more harmonious. I will also serve my nation with pride, especially during National Service, as I am proud to be a Singaporean. I would willingly play a part to benefit Singapore’s future.”
Sec 1 student from class 108

Understanding and connecting with other communities

We created various opportunities to encourage students to interact and connect with the wider communities where values such as respect are taught. CE Champions took on the role of mentors, working with their peers from New Town Secondary School, to guide younger children from two primary schools to set up the Racial Harmony Day (RHD) Carnival through the RHD Mentoring Programme.

Teams posing proudly with their RHD booths.jpg
Teams posing proudly with their RHD booths
Interesting RHD Carnival booths!.jpg
Interesting RHD Carnival booths!

“I interacted with students of different races which is something I don’t get to do in Nan Hua. The primary school students were proud of their work and looking at them smile and laugh while trying out their games, made me feel glad to be of help to them.” 
Sec 3 student from class 302

“I enjoyed the interactions with the primary school students. I learnt how to guide them to come up with ideas for the booth and learnt more about the 4 main races in Singapore by learning more about their food, celebrations and cultural practices, musical instruments and languages and costumes.” 
Sec 2 student from class 201

“Through mentoring the primary school students and working with other schools, I became more confident in my facilitation skills. I was also able to learn more about how different races have different cultural practices and celebrations.” 
Sec 2 student from class 207

Another highlight is the Iftar (breaking fast) experience in partnership with Al-Mukminin Mosque and Darussalam Mosque for our staff and Nanhuarians consisting of the CE Champions, JM3 students, sKy leaders, Student Councillors and Malay Special Programme students. It was truly an enriching experience for them to learn more about the month of Ramadan by breaking fast together with the Muslim community. This will therefore help students understand their role as active citizens who can help to promote racial harmony.

Helping to prepare for Iftar.jpgA little goes a long way as we form the human chain to prepare to break fast_.jpg
Helping to prepare for Iftar
A little goes a long way as we form the human chain to prepare to break fast.
Nan Hua students and staff together with the staff from Al-Mukminin mosque_.jpg
Nan Hua students and staff together with the staff from Al-Mukminin mosque.