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Citizenship Education

Citizenship Ceremony 2020 Please blur out the NRIC.png

Citizenship Ceremony 2020 

Citizenship Education (CE) at Nan Hua High School plays a pivotal role in developing a more thinking and active citizenry amongst our students. Our mission is to prepare our young minds in the essential areas of knowledge, skills and values of an informed, responsible and participative citizen of Singapore. This is achieved through developing the four CE dispositions in our students, namely: a sense of belonging, a sense of reality, a sense of hope and the will to act.

Customised NH Mask for ND2020.jpg
Customised NH Mask for ND2020

A Sense of Belonging 

One of our key CE programmes for the Secondary Three Nanhuarians was the NS Engagement session conducted in August. The objective of this programme was to create awareness about the importance of National Service (NS) - not just towards the defence of Singapore, but also its vital role in building national identity and personal well-being. We had the privilege of pre-recording our Nan Hua Alumni who did well in his NS to share his experiences and tips on how to prepare for NS. The programme was well-received by both Nanhuarians and especially teachers, who were given the opportunity to share their personal narratives and experiences which strengthened the message that our nation’s defence is a shared responsibility of all citizens in Singapore, regardless of generations.

A Sense of Reality

In line with this year’s theme, Beyond Borders, for International Friendship Day, Nanhuarians reflected on the importance of maintaining good relations with other countries, particularly with our ASEAN neighbours. It is important to develop in our youths a better understanding of the people and cultures of countries in our region. Thus, CE Champions and their friends shared what they learnt from their travels to ASEAN countries. 

“After my trip to Sabah, Malaysia with my family, I learnt we should be grateful and not take things for granted after I saw many underprivileged families.” 

Valeska Goh Yong Ni, 103

Students in colourful ethnic costumes.JPGStudents playing Kahoot during RHD assembly.JPG
Students in colourful ethnic costumesStudents playing Kahoot during
RHD assembly

Multicultural Singapore was this year’s theme for Racial Harmony Day. Through encouraging our youths to cultivate strong relationships with diverse individuals and groups, we inspire them to take ownership of their roles in building a cohesive Singapore. This year, Nanhuarians learnt more about the Chetti Melakans, Peranakans and the Eurasians through enriching videos and a Kahoot game. CE Champions and friends shared their own narratives about having friends from other cultures and how these experiences reflect the importance of multiculturalism in Singapore. Through the Contemporary Issues discussion, students learnt to appreciate multiple perspectives, develop openness, cross-cultural skills and an appreciation for our nation’s efforts to preserve harmony.

A Sense of Hope and the Will to Act. 

This National Day, we commemorated and celebrated Singapore’s determination and perseverance to overcome the challenges which plague the country. People of Singapore came together to navigate through the immediate changes in our once familiar environment, encouraging one another to stay stronger together in the hopes of a better future. Our hopes and well-wishes were displayed in our very own Nan Hua Story Wall, which showcased the wonderful artwork and heartfelt messages crafted by our Nanhuarians and staff. We will continue to rally together harmoniously, keeping our nation strong on the global stage as Singapore keeps flourishing through every obstacle we face.

Story Wall ND2020.jpg
Story Wall ND2020

Contemporary Issue Discussions in the Classrooms

Using the Context-Dimension Framework as a facilitation guide, our teachers encouraged students to voice their own views and co-construct a better understanding of the different facades of a single issue through multiple perspective-taking. Through these discussions, students are provided with authentic contexts for the learning of values, develop their social-emotional competencies and become more informed about issues relating to racial harmony and national identity.

Engaging students in contemporary issue discussions.JPG

Engaging students in contemporary issue discussions

Interaction Session with Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah in conjunction with Racial Harmony Day

A group of Nanhuarians were involved in an engaging online interaction session with students from Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah. The interaction session provided an authentic opportunity for interaction among youths to develop mutual understanding of different cultures, way of life and education experiences, as well as promote a deeper understanding and awareness of multiculturalism in Singapore.

Nanhuarians interact with students from Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah.png

Nanhuarians interact with students from Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah

I have learnt more about a Madrasah student’s unique school life. This experience has been extremely fruitful and this should be encouraged especially in Singapore’s multicultural society!
-  Loh Yuan Xu, 308