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Character and Citizenship Education

Learning the important message of kindness through games.jpg
Learning the important message of kindness through games.

Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) at Nan Hua High School aims to nurture students who are grounded in strong values and competencies to lead flourishing lives in a volatile and complex future. In Nan Hua High School, we believe strongly in creating positive memories and authentic experiences to bring about a student-centric, values-driven education for our Nanhuarians to be confident, creative and cultured with a passion for learning.

Celebrating a classmate_s birthday during Makan and Mingle.jpg
Celebrating a classmate's birthday during Makan and Mingle

With this vision in mind, CCE programmes have been designed to provide a holistic and
supportive environment for students to develop both their moral and performance
character. To equip our students with new skills to thrive in the 21 st century, the school
embraces Positive Education, which incorporates academic learning with character and
well-being. Many programmes are planned and customised to embed the 6 key
domains of Positive Education across all levels of the school community in a
sustainable manner, aiming to prepare our students with values such as gratitude, grit,
hope. Students are encouraged to adopt the Growth Mindset despite challenges in their

This year, our students were taught explicitly the core concepts of Positive Emotions to
better recognize and regulate their emotions. When students come to understand how
positive emotions open minds, transform futures and create uplifting spiral dynamics,
they started intentionally cultivating these heartfelt momentary experiences more
frequently. Students also learnt to leverage on their character strengths to cultivate
kindness and ritualise gratitude so to enhance personal well-being and to help people
around them.

In line with our CCE belief, “Every Teacher a CCE Teacher First”, professional development opportunities are provided to engage our teachers in discussions about CCE issues and equip them with the necessary skills and strategies to be an effective CCE teacher. With the school adopting a whole-school approach towards Positive Education, the CCE Committee conducted workshops for teachers in this area. Teachers attended training sessions, focusing on an important message that “other people matter”. At the same time, they learnt that the character strengths of kindness and forgiveness are cornerstones of a positive relationship. In June, two speakers from the Institute of Positive Education, Justin Robinson and Lucy Carroll shared the key domains of Positive Education during the annual STAR seminar. During the seminar, teachers had an enjoyable time learning about the Positive Education model and positive teaching practices, which they can apply in their own lives and in their interactions with students to empower them to lead flourishing lives.

Recognising the importance of creating a shared language for well-being and character strengths for students at home and at the school, two sessions of Positive Parenting Practices workshops were organised for parents so that they can learn about the skills and mindsets for well-being and keep abreast with what their children are learning in school. The strategy Active Constructive Responding was introduced and it has become a reference term for taking the time to listen to and communicate with others in mindful and authentic way.

The development of a Careforce (made up of Care Champions from each class) supports the school’s effort to build a culture of care through peer support. Our Care Champions were trusted to take charge and lead their classes in nurturing a supportive and caring culture. Their leadership skills were tested and strengthened through the "Makan and Mingle (M&M)” sessions as they led the class in the preparation and implementation stages. Many of them also took the initiative to conduct games to encourage positive relationships among their classmates and with Form Teachers. On top of that, the Care Champions were given additional opportunities to hone their leadership skills through self-initiated projects aimed at developing a caring school culture. In July this year, a group of Care Champions initiated “Movie under the Stars” to advocate the importance of engaging in positive emotions through movie appreciation and bonding with friends and family.

Spread the Message Project by Careforce and Cyberwellness Champions.jpg
Spread the Message Project by Careforce and Cyberwellness Champions

Spreading the message of kindness at Jurong East Bus Interchange.jpgSpreading the message of kindness at Jurong East Bus Interchange

Students’ Reflections:

“Oprah Winfrey once said, "Be thankful for what you have. You'll end up having more. If
you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough." It is about time we take a break from complaining and start appreciating what others have done for
us. Through the termly GEM writing, I realised that I have overlooked many things by dwelling on negative events. I believe others feel the same way as well. I am thankful for the time during GEM writing to reflect and think through about the good parts of life. Taking those few moments to pen down the things that I am thankful for and acknowledging these positive events have helped me feel much better.”
Sec 2 student from class 205

I think the process of making us write thank you notes makes us appreciate the small little things around us, be it our parents working tirelessly every day to ensure food on the table, or the old uncles and aunties who could have retired but decided to work to keep the school clean. Having a sense of gratitude also helps us to see the bigger picture of things.
Sec 2 student from class 206

Our Project DREAM is called “Angel-Mortal”. On the 16th of every month we would do something meaningful for our assigned mortal such as giving a packet of sweets or lending him/her a helping hand. It has strengthened our class bonds through meaningful interactions among classmates. As a class, we have made it a habit to do meaningful things for one another. The class enjoys this Project DREAM as it only takes a little effort to make someone else’s day.
Sec 2 student from class 209

I can tell that during the tea session of the Cleaners’ Appreciation Day, all the aunties and uncles were very happy that we organised this event for them. They enjoyed it! While there were some challenges along the way as we were short-handed and inexperienced, we are glad that the event turned out fine.
Sec 2 student from class 202