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Road Run 2018

Nan Hua High School Annual Road Run 2018

Held at a new location in the west of Singapore, this year’s Annual Road Run was a novel experience for all staff and students! Surrounded by the calm and scenic Jurong Lake, they were given the chance to compete along the Jurong Park Connector and gun for top honours. A Citizenship Education Race was held concurrently, and teams from each class raced against one another to test their knowledge about Singapore’s development.
In order to challenge our male staff and students, a longer 4km route was allocated for them while the females completed 3km. As each race began, a sea of colours represented by students from the various levels gradually filled the area.

NanHua_AnnualRoadRun_Sec1GirlsFlagoff_2018.jpg NanHua_AnnualRoadRun_Sec3GirlsFlagoff_2018.jpg
NanHua_AnnualRoadRun_Sec2BoysRunning_2018.jpg NanHua_AnnualRoadRun_Sec4BoysRunning_2018.jpg
Simultaneously, the Citizenship Education Race followed the same 3km Girls route. Students combed the area for clues and checkpoints, completing their allocated tasks along the way as quickly as possible. All hoped to be the first team with the most number of correct answers amongst their batch mates!

NanHua_AnnualRoadRun_CERace1_2018.jpg NanHua_AnnualRoadRun_CERace2_2018.jpg
NanHua_AnnualRoadRun_CERace3_2018.jpg NanHua_AnnualRoadRun_CERace4_2018.jpg
After a fulfilling and rejuvenating morning run, all staff and students returned to the assembly area and gathered together for a healthy picnic. Soon, it was time for the prize presentation! Medals were given to students and teachers who managed to achieve top positions in their categories. Finally, classes stayed behind to pose for group pictures with bright smiles, with the lovely view of Chinese Garden in the backdrop. We certainly hope that it will be a fruitful Annual Road Run again next year!

NanHua_AnnualRoadRun_PrizeWinners_2018.jpg NanHua_AnnualRoadRun_PrizeWinners_2_2018.jpg

Student’s Voices: 
Chinese Garden was one of the best places to run a three-kilometer route. The green trees swayed in the breeze and the lake reflected the warm light of the sun. I was a slow runner and would normally take slight breaks during my run. However, the beautiful scenery encouraged me to complete my run easily. In the end, I broke my initial record of thirty-five minutes and achieved a twenty-five minutes instead! 

- Tan Yi Xuan, 204