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CCA Extravaganza 2018

Our school’s CCA Groups came together to put up CCA Extravaganza 2018 on the morning of Saturday 6 January. The event was for our Sec 1 students to have first-hand experience with the various activities of the CCA groups – after all, they will be spending much time in their CCAs for the next 4 years!

Thrilling and dramatic skits by the St John Brigade and the National Police Cadet Corps started the mobile display with a bang. Following that, our Boys’ Brigade unit showcased their two well-known performance sub-groups – The BB Bagpipes & Drums Band and their Hip Hop Performance Drill Squad.NanHua_CCAExtravanga2018_BoysBrigade.JPG

NanHua_CCAExtravanga2018_NCC Boys.JPG

Innovative Fancy Drill displays by the National Cadet Corps (NCC) and Girl Guides (GG) units also demonstrated their energetic synchronicity.
GG infused coordinated rollerblading into their item, while NCC Boys and NCC Girls once again captivated the audience with their vibrant performances, with NCC Girls also showcasing their taekwondo group. To cap off the Mobile Display, our school’s acclaimed Dance Society also gave an outstanding performance!


After the thrilling Mobile Display, the Secondary 1 students embarked on a tour by volunteers and alumni members of our Student Council to visit each CCA Group’s display booth. It was an enjoyable day for the Secondary 1 students, and they certainly had a better gauge of their CCA choice!


Students’ Voices:
CCA extravaganza was a fun experience! I liked how my school gave us a chance to know more about the CCA so that we can make an informed choice. I find this a privilege to experience a CCA before you can choose one. During the CCA extravaganza, I forged close bonds with my classmates. It was a wonderful experience to have!
    -       Nicklaus Goo, 101

My experience at CCA Extravaganza was exciting as I tried out the various activities each CCA had diligently prepared for us! This event benefitted the Secondary One students, where all of us could learn more about their various specialisations. The next time someone asks me what each CCA offers, I can reply readily!
    -       Shann Ho, 101