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Nan Hua Yuan

Nan Hua Yuan represents the reunion of Nan Hua Primary School and Nan Hua High School - branches of the same family who share a common heritage. The celebratory event was marked by a bustling carnival and spectacular performances by both schools at our former school site. The occasion was especially meaningful because it is the first time in more than thirty years that members of the School Advisory Committee, alumni, parents, staff and students from both schools have come together to celebrate Nan Hua’s history and achievements. The event was graced by our Guest of Honour, Ms Low Yen Ling, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Trade and Industry, and Mayor of South West CDC.



Nan Hua Yuan on 21 Apr at NUS High School (Former Site of Nan Hua Secondary and Nan Hua Primary Schools)


Joint Celebrations of Nan Hua High with Nan Hua Primary School to commemorate common history and 100 years in education

Guest of Honour: Ms Low Yen Ling (Parliamentary Secretary of Education, MOE)



Mass Display by Nan Hua Primary and Nan Hua High Students depicting the theme ‘Centennial Excellence, Pioneering Tomorrow’ in 4 acts

Carnival booths reminiscing the school life of the past and showcasing the schools’ niches