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Centennial Road Run

The school held its Centennial Road Run & Citizenship Education (C.E) Race at the Esplanade Waterfront. In celebration of our centenary, members of the School Advisory Committee, the Alumni Association and the Parent Support Group, together with many former and current students, came together as one Nan Hua Family to witness the Alumni Torch Relay, which symbolised the passing of school values and traditions from one generation to the next. 



        As part of the school’s Centennial Celebrations, the Alumni Torch Relay brought together different eras of Nanhuarians; those who studied at Nan Hua Girls’ School and Nan Hua Secondary, as well as the more recent graduands from Nan Hua High. About 36 Alumni participated in this segment, which saw the flame being passed from one batch to the next, symbolising the passing of school values from generation to generation. The Relay started off with the eldest senior present, Mdm Leong Eng Fong from the class of 1964, and ended with Gabriel Chan, the current cohort’s Student Council President, representing the class of 2017. At the end of the Relay, the torch was passed on to our Principal, Mrs Tan Jong Lek, signifying the upholding of school traditions and values that will be carried on beyond its centenary. 

Centennial_Road_Run_6.jpgPassing of Relay Torch from the older generation to the younger generation of Nan Hua alumni, symbolising passing of school values and traditions from generation to generation 

        Currently in its second year, the CE Race was conducted concurrently with the aim of deepening a sense of pride and belonging to Singapore among students through appreciating our city landscape, specifically the Marina Bay area. This year, participants used their on cross-disciplinary skills and content such as map reading learnt in Geography and types of sports learnt in Physical Education to complete the race. Riding on the theme of a centennial celebration, Nanhuarians were also quizzed on the school’s long history and setbacks faced in the early years to instil a sense of pride. 


        Finally, to commemorate our 100 years, Nanhuarians put the finishing touches to an art piece of the Centennial Road Run and CE Race using their thumbprints. This collective effort showcases our Nan Hua DNA literally through our thumbprints, and also displays how each and every one of us Nanhuarians have contributed to the Nan Hua spirit and identity. This piece of artwork will be placed in our Heritage Gallery, which will be launched on our Speech and Prize Giving Day.